The Gilmore LOLsuit

I’ve been researching the complaint filed in the Gilmore v. Jones, et al. shutuppery LOLsuit filed in the Western District of Virginia. IANAL, but it seems to be chock-full of many of the defects of law and logic found in Bill Schmalfeldt’s LOLsuits.

On its face, this appears to be basically a tort suit for defamation rather than a civil rights matter. Yet, it has been filed by lawyers from the Civil Rights Clinic of the Georgetown University Law Center (the law school at that university). Why, I wonder, would these lawyers file an apparently SLAPP-like suit? One would think that civil rights lawyers would be standing up for the First Amendment and defending this suit instead.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Expect more follow up.

12 thoughts on “The Gilmore LOLsuit

  1. Curious how they both claim ties to the State Department. I wonder if State is involved in transferring tax money to domestic activists…

    • Actually, what we are witnessing might be quite sophisticated. Lee Stranahan, allegedly, works, or worked, for the RT. Once he is sued, they might be subject to discovery. Muddying the waters with the Charlottesville happenings allows them to tar anyone who questions their tactics with the NAZI brush.

      Any lawyer knows that Allen West’s careful qualifiers about things “yet to be verified” are antithetical to a reckless disregard for the truth. In fact it shows he believed that the truth or falsity of the accusation mattered.

  2. So we got slander, stalking, harrassment, attacks, and bizzarre conspiracy theories being brought against against a guy who dared to challenge the false narrative by telling the truth about a cold-blooded murderer. Hmm, where have we seen that before?

  3. Brennan Gilmore is a liar and lies as bad as Brett Kimberlin and Bill Schmalfeldt. It also appears that Brennan Gilmore is as stupid as Bill Schmalfeldt and may be sued for defamation by SonofNewo. Discovery may show he has fabricated evidence in his lawsuit.
    See Brennan Gilmore Defamed SonofNewo

    • William Evans’ (SonofNewo) Demand Letter to both Brennan Gilmore and Gilmore’s attorney is epic… and, beyond thorough and fact-based.

      IIRC – Evans has given them until April 2nd to correct, retract, and apologize for the horrific and numerous instances of defamation per se and the plethora of accusations concerning felonious crimes they have not only repeatedly inserted into this ridiculous, vexatious, shutuppery-driven LOLsuit, but both Gilmore and his attorney have, too, taken to Social Media and have appeared on more than a few MSM shows to further their VERY questionable narrative and libelous falsehoods.

      I do believe that Gilmore’s buddy Chris Mahony (who was with Gilmore at the Charlottesville car crash on August 12, 2017 – and, whom has also shared his VERY questionable narrative regarding said car crash on numerous MSM outlets, as well… has ties to Georgetown University’s “Civil Rights” Law Center… imagine that 🙄).

      Having spent a fairly decent amount of time reading, viewing, and researching the events in Charlottesville that day, and SonofNewo’s take on more than a few of the glaring inconsistencies and curiosities surrounding that event.. I feel very comfortable in surmising that Evans is NOT playing around. I feel confident he is committed to seeing this through, and holding Gilmore and Gilmore’s attorney accountable for their fictitious and libelous assertions and accusations.

      Oh. And, in case anyone is unaware… William Evans (SonofNewo) is an attorney. Heh.

  4. FYI Mix’s LULZ suit has been going on for (count them) THREE years! Since Mix hasn’t worked for over eight years whose money is funding this joke of a lawsuit?

    • No. To get disbarred, you basically have to be convicted of perjury or steal client funds. Or go bonkers and start doing crazy stuff.

    • Probably not, but, claiming that one’s client has never received payments from George Soros “directly” could be considered a fraud upon the court if he was aware that his client had received monies from organizations funded by George Soros ,etc.

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