8 thoughts on “Another Bombing in Austin

  1. I think anyone who EVER builds 8 bombs and explodes the last at a high school football game should forever surrender the right to even try to influence the political system. No non-profit charities to promote ideas. No rock band.

    I believe in forgiveness, but not the kind that puts killers among us.

  2. Hard not to think of that when police mention vendetta, drug stash house raids, pflugerville….
    There was some wacko truther band JTMP used to promote down there. THe littlest doesn’t have any reason to visit Austin, does he?

    I’m 99% sure he doesn’t have a single thing to do with Austin let alone a bomb. BUt not 100%.

  3. Previous victims were black and hispanic, these victims were white; thus, proving that there could be a racial basis behind the attacks. — a few “not” #FakeNews MSM outlets.

    • >>”…an elementary school bus stop.”

      I just read this. It’s a day late for comment so no-one will see this but, I feel the need to write or talk to someone even if it’s only to myself.
      I consider myself a kind, warm-hearted, and helpful person. I like children, warm puppies, beautiful flowers, and beautiful women. I’ll help anyone who needs it without leaving my name. I take elderly people to stores when they have no other way to get there and sometimes pay for things they need but can’t afford.
      When I was a Captain in the Merchant Marine I read a story in the Houston Chronical about a shut-in elderly lady that needed something and a call for donations was taken up to help her get it.
      $167 was collected from church parishioners to give to her and some son of a bi*** stole it. I put $300 in small bills in an envelope, went to her house, gave it to her and left.
      She didn’t need to know my name.
      I live in a handicap accessible building and everyone here knows they can call me in the middle of the night if they get themselves in trouble somehow. I get several calls a week.
      I’m being windy, I know, but, I’m trying to lay a base saying I am not a mean person. Usually. I sometimes read, hear, or see someone doing something so mean it will send my blood pressure into the stroke zone and would like to do something that would make Caligula seem like Mother Theresa.
      This is one of those times.
      Trying to blow up elementary school kids will do that. I would like to attend to this person or people personally.
      One idea that came to mind was to hang this person or people by the cojones for a while over a fire ant hill with a short introduction to a bullwhip. After several hours, lower them just enough that the top of their head is touching the colony hill. Then, sit back with a picnic basket full of things I like and a bottle of semi-dry red Zinfandel and enjoy watching how fire ants turn something resembling a human into a skeleton.
      The thought of placing a bomb where a group of four or five-year-olds will collect really set me off and will be on my mind longer than I want it to be. I am very happy the plan wasn’t successful.
      I apologize for the long comment which comes close to being an essay. I needed to get it off my chest and this group of fine people just happen to be my victims.
      It’s a day late so, I doubt it will get read anyway.

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