23 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. He is getting confirmation from Wee Willie? Hahahahahahahaha Willie may be able to give advice on canning, making shitty audio that no one cares about ,or how to be cuckolded (Bill already has that one covered); but other than that he’s just a clueless the rest of the Pirate Crew.

  2. Ask not for whom the bell tolls.

    Don’t look under the bed. Don’t look in the closet. Definitely don’t go down in to the basement.

    And be damn careful about answering the door.

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  4. If anyone knows about having nothing but proceeding anyway, it’s DUMBF*CK. 8 LOLsuits and he still doesn’t have a single house or a wife.

    • Not even of his own!

      Say, can anyone further confirm reports from the Little Birdies telling me the new job in I’ll Be Quirky didn’t work out so well, and DUMBFUCK has apparently abandoned the Old West?

      Maybe he should try Reno…I hear there are men there who will shoot a man just to watch him die…

  5. There is an important thing that Bill’s tweet shows he doesn’t understand: that there a a few of us, and I am one of them, that won’t be “done” with Bill Schmalfeldt as long as he still stains the land of the living. We may not be actively “doing” anything at any given moment, but we will be constantly monitoring, waiting, and considering plans of action. In my case, I was just another voice in the choir singing about Bill’s nasty behavior, until he made it personal. I did not contact him; I did not contact his wife, I did not contact his local law enforcement, I did not try to drag him into Federal court on bogus claims. He did all of these things to me. He does not get to say when this is done.

    • Yup, the leftist narcissists can’t seem to understand…that it is THEIR behavior that brought them to our attention. I was blissfully ignorant of Bill until he brought me in.

      The same with Thomas Mix, he engaged me by falsely claiming calming I was a human trafficker, a danger to children, mentally ill who had been committed numerous times, that my husband had left me. Further he and his cohorts destroyed my newborn photography business and the #VeroBeachCrybully posted flashing gif specifically to harm me. This was successful, as I ended up in the ER!

      Poking a hornet’s nest to get them to leave you alone has to be the dumbest thing ever.

  6. Yeah. The familiar Schmycle. He’s as predictable as Dr Deb Frisch. Haven’t heard from her in a while. Wonder where she got to. Oh, yeah. She’s in jail in Colorado. Her bravado (and drinking) was as big as Bill “last man standing” Schmaldtfelt.
    Fear pee, indeed, if he has any awareness at all.

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