Judge Hazel has dismissed Kimberlin v. Breitbart Holdings, et al. The dismissal is with prejudice.

The final footnote summarizes the case quite nicely:

The Court considered dismissing the case without prejudice and permitting Kimberlin to attempt to amend the Complaint in a manner that would not violate the Protective Order. But having reviewed the Complaint, the Court finds that it is so clearly derived, in sum and substance, from the Frey case and discovery provided therein that any effort to amend would be futile.

Did I mention that everything is proceeding as I have foreseen?

33 thoughts on “Qapla’—Again!

  1. Oh if only he had referred kimberlin to the US Attorney for perjury prosecution in teh earlier cases..

  2. Another Team Pedo failure. Wonder if William (Stolen Valor) Schmalfeldt has received his marching orders on how to spin this yet?

    • Can you spin utter failure in a way that wouldn’t involve pointing, laughing and mockery?

      Drawing a blank here..

    • I would imagine there’s trouble in paradise if someone keeps thinking about sex with another man.

    • Wait, wasn’t William Schmalfeldt Sr. the guy who, on a public forum, expressed his desire to press his…ummm….manhood….against an underage boys “swollen anal tissue”? Why yes he was.

      Wow, I wonder what the average Joe would think about that fact.*

      *FACT: A thing that is incontrovertible. Something that can be proven using the assholes own written words.

    • Wow, what a timeline. “Swollen anal tissues.” “Girly-underpants.” “Butt-wounded.” “Cub scouts.” No wonder he got hit with 13 restraining orders, including one to protect a three year old toddler.

    • Test him? Like that English test for non-native English speakers, that he got a “C-” on? Test him like that?

      BTW, that’s not mud staining his shorts…..

    • F*ck. You.


      My choice is for you to play road tag with a steamroller.

      I think I chose very wisely.

    • “I’ve never made any secret about moving. It’s a freedom I have, being a retired person who currently has the money to travel as much as I like.”

      ORLY?? I thought Bill Schmalfeldt was a poor pauper pro se who filed LOLsuits in forma pauperis because he didn’t have the $400 filling fee and wanted the state to pay for it. I stand corrected. Something is strange though. All that money to travel and he does not own a car. Oh, that’s right. I remember now.

      ♩ Go-oh with Greyhound and leave the driving to us! ♩

      That’s the advertising that Greyhound came up with for people who actually own cars to convince them to use their buses instead. But you don’t own a car..hmmm.

  3. Damn; you curl up for a nice hibernation and all hell breaks loose.

    That is perhaps the most epic bench slap since Prenda. That is

    • … ….was seen to stumble twice on the stairs while leaving Tempe; homeboy totally ignored the falls, and there were no handlers to catch…. …
      … …
      …hospital in Indiana, unable to leave…

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