Another First Amendment Lawsuit?

Gateway Pundit reports being sued along with several other folks from the right side of the Blogosphere.The suit has a certain familiar look and feel to it. It alleges that reporting by bloggers caused third parties to threaten the plaintiff. I’ve seen that sort of claim someplace before.

I intend to follow the case and report on its progress.

9 thoughts on “Another First Amendment Lawsuit?

  1. Thanks for keeping us up on these cases! seems especially frivolous, but what about the courts in VA made them file there? Are all the courts playing politics these days?

  2. *checks popcorn supply.

    It’s like they to things to draw attention to themselves, and then get upset when someone shines the light on them.

  3. I would ordinarily have a hard time getting too worked up about misfortune befalling either Infowars or Jim Hoft – I have exceptionally low opinions of them, and have had for many years. Nonetheless, if someone is engaging in shutuppery, I have to be sympathetic.

    Which kinda pisses me off.

  4. This tweet by Brennan Gilmore @brennanmgilmore is interesting “I’m grateful for the many requests to help w/ legal fees for our suit against Infowars et al. Thankfully @GeorgetownLaw has taken the case pro-bono. But if you want to contribute to the fight against hate groups, please consider donating to the @splcenter…”
    Couple this tweet with the $385k dontation to Perrielo by George Soros and this case does have a real familair ring to it. There is no telling what discovery will shake out of the tree.

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