10 thoughts on “School Shooter Control

  1. Not just background checks. I read a book about a difference-in-difference study that found pretty clearly that almost every time any draconian gun law went into effect in a region, the rates of murder and violent crime, nationally dropping at a steady rate, began to have their drop slowed or occasionally reversed into a crime rate rise.
    When they say “Crime dropped in the period when we passed these laws” what they really mean is “crime dropped in the period BEFORE we passed these laws.”
    But that doesn’t promote the narrative.

  2. The real solution that will obtain results is twofold. First, you do what is necessary to break the streak. You, somehow, put guns in every school for the rest of the school year to make sure the next incident is a two-way firefight, and, the press takes the decision to cease its symbiotic relationship with the killers. The press can cover such events exactly once, and, on principle, don’t share the shooters name, ever.

  3. Does anyone know for sure the exact firearm the Parkland shooter used? I seem to keep seeing “AR-15-style rifle” which would seem to me to mean it wasn’t an AR-15. Just wondering. Is that something else the Broward County Sheriff’s office is hiding?

    • Just wondering…
      Wasn’t there a high profile case a few years ago, where law enforcement announced that it had been an AR-15 when if fact a pistol was used, and made that announcement before an AR-15 was found in the trunk of the shooter’s car?

      • As I remember it, that was the Newtown shooting. It was originally reported the shooter used pistols and had an AR in the trunk, but then it was stated that he used the AR primarily.

        • I found it extremely interesting that in the aftermath of the most recent shooting, when the upcoming White House event was announced, it was said that there would be survivors and parents present from Columbine, etc, etc… ,,,and Newtown.

          When the event in the White House actually happened, survivors and relatives of all those other shootings were introduced… …but I neither saw nor heard any introductions from Newtown.

          Merely coincidence, of course.

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