7 thoughts on “Smugness, Civility, and the Revolution

  1. Watched a documentary on Amazon on Mister Rogers. He considered it demeaning, and just plain mean.

    Hear, hear!!

  2. The NYT and French pieces have that sense of above-it-all, those deplorables. In my opinion, the proper response to progressive smugness/condescension isn’t hold my beer, but rather murum aries attigit.

    I respect Sarah Hoyt’s take on such things, far more than David French’s Conservative Inc and the big ‘L’ Libertarians.

    • “When de revolution come…
      … when de revolution come…
      … … when de revolution come…”
      How well I remember those words among all of my friends in The Movement, back in the day.

      Well, “de revolution, it done come”, and it’s not “hold my beer”, it’s “Biker’s Rules”.

  3. Couple of points.

    First, I find it interesting the examples quoted are all from the left.

    Second, “hold my beer” is used by liberals to denote a redneck.

    Third, the liberals are serious whereas the conservatives are doubling down on trolling as the title suggests.

    • Eh? I’m assuming you’re not referring to the posting in accordingtohoyt. She’s by no means a leftie, and lived in Portugal when the marxists were in full fury. Read her takes on communists if you aren’t sure.

      The other two? Meh, at best, [REDACTED] otherwise.

  4. I think Sarah Hoyt has the most right of it. The one still wearing their blinders only noticing the trolling by the right and oblivious and accepting of the norm of constant left trolling and the other rationizing their quiet acquiescence and desire to be ‘in with their ‘betters’

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