Stormy [Political] Weather

Over at PowerLine, John Hinderacker has a piece up examining the Democratic Party’s New York Times‘ coverage of Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels. After noting that the NYT has not shown any previous interest in the pre-public-life dalliances of such presidents as John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Bill Clinton, or Barack Obama, he notes

And for the Times to accuse our president of “sexual perversion,” on the basis of absolutely zero evidence, is a low blow even by the standards of the Democratic Party press. (On a positive note, it is good to see that the Times thinks there still is such a thing as sexual perversion. That seems like an old-fashioned notion in today’s era of “let a thousand gender identities bloom.”)

The left-wing press is working overtime today to make the 12-year-old Stormy Daniels story into news. Why? … The Democratic Party is trying to distract voters from [Trump’s] accomplishments with irrelevant stories about a former porn star.

Read the whole thing.

1 thought on “Stormy [Political] Weather

  1. Do you know how I know that allegations are she slept with Donald Trump rather than Bill Clinton?

    If she had alleged she slept with Bill Clinton, she would have been found dead a week ago of an apparent suicide, where she shot herself in the back of the head. Twice. With a bolt -action rifle.

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