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Two years ago, LOLsuit VI The Undiscovered Krendler was alive, and The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt has just filed a motion to disqualify Aaron Walker as counsel for the two remaining named defendants in the case. That motion included this sworn statement:

The Gentle Reader who has not been following The Saga of Team Kimberlin since 2016 should not be surprised to learn that the defendants filed an opposition to the Cabin Boy’s™ motion, and that Schmalfeldt reacted stupidly on Twitter. Hogewash! reported his folly under the headline I’m Not Making This Up, You Know.

* * * * *

Given that every single paragraph of the declaration by Brett Kimberlin filed as an exhibit with the Cabin Boy’s™ motion to disqualify Aaron Walker as defense counsel in LOLsuit VI: The Undiscovered Krendler contains at least one provable lie, …Cheddar201603090233Z… the lack of self-awareness is … well, it’s about average for the Cabin Boy™.

* * * * *

As usual, the Cabin Boy’s™ motion failed, and his case failed to survive a motion to dismiss.

Lying liars gotta lie, stupid is as stupid does, and everything proceeded as I had foreseen.

22 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Isn’t it about time we referred to him as Flop-House Boy™? Or, predictively, Underpass Boy™?

    It’s long past time where he aspired to living in a cabin.

  2. Gotta love the twitter follow thing.

    He always shares that as though its some sort of scandalous behavior, rather than the normal way in which the website is supposed to be used.

  3. The funny part was that Schmafeldt actually believed he could prevail against Walker with little effort.

    It was actually Walker who had to exert little effort, but it was fun watching the spin when the magistrate dismissed the case. “She didn’t decide the merits!!!”

    Well, she didn’t have to because Schmalfeldt couldn’t demonstrate that any defendant fell under the jurisdiction of the court, which was Aaron’s argument in his Motion to Dismiss.

    And if Schmalfeldt can’t beat Aaron’s argument after boasting how terrible Aaron is at lawyering,does that mean he must admit Aaron is better at lawyering? I mean, we all know the answer, but will Schmalfeldt ever admit to it? Wouldn’t a man eat his crow in public to show he is honorable?

  4. Come on guys, give Schamlfeldt a break, it was only his 6th bite at the apple. Ive been hearing from very reliable legal scholars that Bill’s next lawsuit will finally be the one that takes them all down. Hoge, Walker, Krendler, Ash, BPO, Dog, Areader and the rest of the right-wing hooligans won’t stand a chance at surviving “…LoLSuit IX…From the Desert Southwest to HELL…”.

  5. As usual, the Cabin Boy’s™ motion failed, and his case failed to survive a motion to dismiss.

    And yet, we all know LOLSuit IX is on its way, because we know Schmalfledt needs another excuse for “his sweetie” as to why they can’t get married now. “We have to wait until this lawsuit is settled, honey, then we can get married, fix your teeth, and live our lives in peace.” Ha!

    • To give William his due, he is accomplished at the art of gas-lighting dim-witted and desperate females.

  6. As for #5, a court determined that Walker did NOT unlawfully (or in violation of a tort) accuse Brett Kimberlin of pedophilia. Kimberlin tried, but could not demonstrate that the statements were false. As for being convicted of terrorism…most people figure when you build and detonate bombs in public places, injuring innocent by-standers…yeah. You’re a terrorist.

    • Besides the general terror spread throughout the town, he also set a bomb underneath the parked cruiser of a police officer he had a potential grudge against who was slated to return from a vacation that very day.
      I’m pretty sure it was a pointed message and attack on law enforcement in that town and not random at all.

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