Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Three years ago, Team Kimberlin was in a full-court press against me, trying to shake Hogewash! loose from its coverage of The Dread Deadbeat Pro-Se Kimberlin. TDPK had two active lawsuits going against me (Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. in state court and Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness LOLsuit in federal court). He’d filed his bogus peace order petition against me, and he was preparing to include me in Kimberlin v. Team Themis, et al. RICO 2: Electric Boogaloo LOLsuit. Emails (which federal law enforcement connected to TDPK and Bill Schmalfeldt) were being sent to NASA officials suggesting that I was not suitable for employment as a contractor by the Agency. And my wife, who was recovering from major back surgery and was undergoing chemotherapy began receiving emails like this—

Of course, Mrs. Hoge had no interest in the Cabin Boy™ or “The Schmalfeldt Radio Network.” (She usually listened to WYPR out of Baltimore for NPR talk and jazz and WETA-FM from Washington for classical music.) Neither she nor I were amused by someone trying to steal her identity.

Now, I wasn’t surprised by Team Kimberlin’s taking a crack at me, but I was initially taken aback by their crude attempts to get at me through my wife. After all, what kind of disgusting scuzzball would send tweets like these?I should have known.

20 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I picture Bill going to Hell, and his punishment is to spend eternity in a small, totally white room with only himself to pay any attention to him.

  2. The legendary NIH rolodex and all the pull Bill had, Fed to Fed. What a Schmalfeldtian load of shit. He let his own wife die while he trolled the internet and never used the rolodex for her, did he. Why would anyone help a guy they allegedly let fake a disease just to get rid of him?

  3. This is pure speculation on my part, but I imagine that the hypothetical scuzzball:
    1. Abandons wives, children, and pets
    2. Fantasizes about the sodomy of little boys
    3. Is a lazy leech who figures out ways to scam the taxpayer
    4. Lies to judges
    5. Is a con man who romances unattractive and desperate women into marriage
    6. Would humiliate a spouse or significant other by posting embarrassing and intimate photos on the internet
    7. Would end up with multiple restraining orders
    8. Would offer to urinate on someone’s children
    9. Is a racist who would refer to a black man as a “manservant,” an Asian woman as a “mail order bride,” and a hispanic man as “macho.”
    10. Has a long history of being unable to hold down a job for more than a year or two.

    • Man, if I included such a character into the book I’m working on, the reviewers would laugh me out of the room. They’d insist (rightly) that fictional characters should be at least vaguely realistic.

      • I have considered, from time to time, that he really is totally made up. It would explain a lot of things. Maybe the slug that shows up in court from time to time is just a very good, well-paid but generally unknown actor. Who is paying him? Darned if I know. OTOH, any actor that good who could stay in “character” that long would be highly sought after for other roles in the industry, no? It is a conundrum.
        I suppose he is an example of how real the unreal can be.

        • This makes sense on so many levels.

          Schmalfeldt just might be a actor. Bought and paid for by Brett Kimberlin to deflect attention which, more properly, should go to Brett Kimberlin The Speedway Bomber.

          “Look at the clown! See the clown! Ignore the vexatious midget behind the curtain.”

          Maybe Soros and Streisand contribute. More likely, their money is just laundered through the non-profit (*snort*; profitable for Brett Kimberlin) JTMP. If Tetyana understood how much money Kimby has sloshing around she’d be pissed. “Why the hell are we living like this? We could be doing so much better!” That’s pure speculation on my part, Brett, so don’t sue me.

          Brett probably pays for a team of writers to ensure the Schmalfeldt-fiction lurches from one wacky event/situation to another. Gotta’ keep the viewers tuned in.

          Consider: Slapstick, stupidity, weird and fairly frequent wardrobe changes, comedy, roaring self-righteousness, self-importance, poor judgement, inability to see consequences resulting from poor personal choices coming 100 miles away and stupidity. But I repeat myself.

          You know that ‘inability to see…’ thing? $10 says Bill doesn’t understand that his current fear of answering any knock on his door is likely because he instigated LOLSuit VIII.

          “Oh, well, I’ll just throw this lawsuit against the wall and if it sticks then I WIN (wives and children, yum! money and houses, too!) but if it doesn’t I’ll just go on and live out my golden years quietly with the love of my life.”

          Don’t think so, Shakes.

          But anywho- Back to my original point. Yes. Yes I think JorgXMcKie is just quite possibly on to something. Bill Schmalfeldt is a actor. A bought and paid for contrivance designed to deflect attention from Brett Kimberlin.

          Because nobody could be this stupid.

  4. Hatch act violator, liar, serial perjurer, serial adjudicated harasser of women and children, child pornographer, disgrace to the navy by awarding himself stolen valor, the lyin of Lebanon, unsold book author, loser of the clockwork urn, Parkinson’s faker/exaggerator, now running scared

    • And that is the stuff we know about, because he broadcast it all to the world. Just imagine what he has done that he is so embarrassed of that he doesn’t talk about it – it must be some really twisted and sick crap. Maybe something involving all those pets that keep disappearing?

      • He wrote that the NIH doctor said he didn’t have Parkinson’s, he also wrote that Vanderbilt wrote him for some hold harmless signatures, because they said, according to him, that he either had an early early early mild form, or didn’t have it at all and if so the surgery did him some potential harm

        Go figure

        • It is very common to have a deep brain stimulation device implanted, and then never again monitored, or inspected, or have the batteries replaced.

          No, not really, I made that up, the way some people make up having a progressive neurological disease.

  5. So, you’re saying he’s in the “Run Silent, Run Deep” mode? Any depth charges coming his way?

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