Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Three years ago today, The Dread Deadbeat Pro-Se Kimberlin filed this false petition for a peace order against me.

In filing that bunch of lies, TDPK opened a can of worms, and he’s never been able to find a big enough can to re-can them. He’s come up short again.

I’m not done with him yet.

10 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Wow.

    Brett Kimberlin, The Speedway Bomber, can submit/swear anything and there’s no pushback from The Legal System when he’s proved demonstrably wrong in subsequent court actions.

    Brett Kimberlin has played multiple Maryland judges for fools. They’ve complied. I don’t get it.

  2. I thought about calling out the Maryland judges by name and decided to conduct a little research at duckduckgo (I don’t want the good and fair and impartial and apolitical and wonderful and judicious folks at Google handing my metadata to Brett Kimberlin) and I was reminded, yet again, that there’s a TON of material on Brett out there. None of it’s good Brettster’- But you worked hard for it. So enjoy.

    Here’s a comment by Mercury (PBUH) on popehat that summarizes a lot of my frustration with Maryland courts:

    “Getting riled up about Kimberlin is like putting together a 400 slide Powerpoint presentation on why cockroaches are evil…instead of cleaning up your kitchen.

    Looks to me like this guy is just responding to incentives and gaming a system we set up for him. Where else in the history of civilization could you hope to get away with this kind of shit? Our entire, soon to collapse political economy is predicated on this very same, it-a’int-over-until-the taxpayer-pays culture.”

    Just so. And exactly.

    I remind you all that while Parvocampus is a easy, so very easy, target for your scorn… Please never ever forget that Brett Kimberlin is one evil dude.

    All of that is IMHO, Brett. Don’t sue me.

    Q1 Membership fees are due on 15 March. Latest keys for your decoder rings will be released upon payment. As always, Management thanks you because your efforts and money help us to stand against the multiple forces arraigned against Western Civilization.

  3. I’d say I’m sorry to beat a dead horse here but I’m not. Some things are worth repeating for the electronic record (because the Internet is forever. At least until President Chelsea Clinton (or Chelsea Manning) decides otherwise). From:

    “Why was Walker in court with Kimberlin? Because Kimberlin sued him for daring to write about his criminal record.

    A caveat to conservative bloggers: This is Kimberlin’s modus operandi and it is well suited to this land where unscrupulous plaintiffs can litigate total strangers into paupery based upon nothing more than a whim. Kimberlin slaps conservative bloggers with “peace orders” if they dare to bring up his ugly past. The former inmate falsely accuses his targets of “tortious interference” and defamation, claiming that the mere mention of his law breaking undermines his ability to go about his business.”

    I’ll not add my usual, “IMHO. Don’t sue me Brett.” because I’m repeating something somebody else wrote.

    I also note Brett Kimberlin is abetted by incompetent judges in Maryland courts.

    Let’s just get it all on the table. Don’t lose sight of what all this is about. It’s not just a Internet slap fight. Don’t lose sight of who and what Brett Kimberlin is.

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