A Stupid Way to Virtue Signal

There’s a post over at Bloomberg floating a proposal for a voluntary “No Gun” registry. The idea is that someone could register with a state, and as long as he stayed on that list, he would be unable to buy a gun. Anytime the person wanted to buy a gun, he could remove himself from the list. The catch is that it would take three weeks to drop off the list and that the state would tattle to persons and entities who the no-gun registrant had designated when registering.

Umm, when I don’t want to buy a gun, I simply don’t buy one.

When I’ve needed a weapon because I was being stalked, I would not have wanted to wait three weeks to obtain one.

I agree with Glenn Reynolds:

But the problem here is, who, in this toxic political environment, would trust this sort of list not to be abused?

When your institutions are politicized and untrustworthy, it takes options off the table. I’m pretty sure this is one of those.

12 thoughts on “A Stupid Way to Virtue Signal

  1. I’d love it if my neighbors would self ID as non gun owners. We could put signs on their lawns proclaiming their very progressive decision. “No guns in this house” or “This house is completely disarmed”.

  2. One good data breach and the potential for criminality is huge. At the least it removes the need for casing neighborhoods. The shaming would be tremendous.

    Things like this make me want to go on a DXpedition and have it be extended duration.

  3. If it was a no new gun list, I could see the value. You do not lose the right of self-defense or the right to carry a firearm – you just cannot buy one. Kind of like the Casino self-ban, it is for people with issues, not for the government. Someone who has suicidal or homicidal thoughts, and wants to reduce the risk of acting on them. It must be completely voluntary, or it is unconstitutional.
    Perhaps it could be run by the firearm dealers?

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  5. Sounds like the stupidity of the government-run anti-“porn” filters across the pond, where you have to let the government know you want your smut so they’ll disable it for you.

  6. Question:

    What restrictions are in place to ensure the accuracy of this list? IE, someone putting a second party’s information into the system as a joke or for more malicious reasons?

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