12 thoughts on “Stacy McCain Gulaged Again

  1. And CPAC, useless as it is, caved to pressure and asked that Jim Hoff, gay conservative, be banned from Jewish Pamela Geller’s panel on social media because, apparently, gay men who support Jews and Israel are “Nazis.” CPAC is useless, as is our DOJ.

    • CPAC has donors, and, those donors have interests. Conservative advocacy is only permitted to the extent that it furthers the interests of those donors, which is to say the only freedom people have at CPAC is to be a useful idiot for someone else’s interests.

      This is the Left always seems to win and the right always seems to retreat.

    • While I agree that CPAC is useless, so is Hoft. He was disinvited for posting retarded conspiracy theories about the Parkland shooting. Retarded conspiracy theories are his specialty.

      • He was allegedly disinvited for observing that one of the Parkland students level of discourse suggested that he had been coached as to what to say, perhaps by his FBI agent father. I’ll let the reader decide whether “retarded conspiracy theory” is an accurate summary of his claims.

        I noted “allegedly” because Jim Hoft, himself, notes that efforts to have him excluded from the panel occurred before the articles in question were published. His alleged offensive was being associated with the alt-right.

        The Gateway Pundit was deemed the fourth most influential conservative news website. Conservatives have voted with their mice, and, their judgment is that the Gateway Pundit is not a place of “retarded conspiracy theories.”

        Here is an interesting set of circumstances. Jared Taylor was recently excluded from twitter for reasons that had nothing to do with anything he had ever said on twitter. He was excluded, instead, for allegedly being associated with groups that were “violent.” [Black lives matter is “violent,” yet, free to use twitter.]

        I don’t see any distinction that makes a difference between what CPAC did to Jim Hoft, and what twitter did to Jared Taylor, [except that Jared Taylor is a self-described “White Nationalist” while Jim Hoft notes that he denounced “White Nationalists” attempting to hijack the Trump Presidential movement in response to the accusations against him.]

        It would seem to me that CPAC lost any moral authority to object about political censorship when itself engaged in the worst kind of political censorship using, perhaps, an even lower standard of accuracy.

        I’m reminded on the bloviating by the “Never Trump” crowd about how after the election there were going to be recriminations against those who supported Donald Trump. Those blowhards were shamed into silence when Trump won. That doesn’t mean they didn’t necessarily abandon their dirty project.

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  3. This country, and therefore the world, is in a bad state.
    Shallow, facile feel-gooders who want health careers managing the lives of others, not understanding they are throwing away their own liberty with both hands.

  4. Based on a few minutes reading, Medium is a wretched hive of libtardianism and villainy.

    First I see an article by some nutless academic whackjob going on about how a book saved his marriage by curing his mansplaining or toxic Texicanism, or something. The book? A allegory about a man kidnapped to a life of mining sand (WTF?!?!) called Woman in the Dunes. Evidently the kidnapped man is “uncomprehending, uncompassionate, spiteful” because he fails to appreciate the efforts of a woman (who helped kidnap him, needing a replacement husband to fend off the encroaching sand, or something) to make him more comfortable in his new life as a sand-encrusted slave.

    The twit’s insight? “I wanted to whisper (to the kidnapped mainsplainer), you didn’t even like your old life and now you’re in a support system with a hard-working, benevolent partner!” I wonder what he’d whisper to the protagonists of Uncle Tom’s Cabin?

    For a mansplanation on how to deal with slavery, please refer to Sherman’s March to the Sea.

    Next article? How we shouldn’t rationalize not giving money to panhandlers as being “for their own good”… I guess people are wrong somehow for not wanting to fund a drug user’s intoxicant of choice via a handout.

    In an amazing coincidence, the author has a patreon page.

    F*ck ’em all.

  5. Speaking of sand…
    It seems that Someone intends to actually Do Something and has drawn a line in the sand concerning the one common sense change needed to protect schoolchildren.

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