7 thoughts on “Today’s Indictment

  1. I’m presuming this will be prosecuted under the “Thou Shalt Not Diss Hillary” amendment to your fine constitution.

    Why, it’s almost Schmalfeldtian in its legal creativity!

    • The Constitution is pretty straightforward. Activist judges are a thing, however.

      There’s a reason the Supreme Court is sometimes referred to as the Nazgul; 9 individuals in black robes, wielding unspeakable power, and some are close to being undead. Rumor has it Ginsberg died a couple months ago and the Dem’s are going through a can of Febreeze a day to keep people from finding out…

      • Makes sense. It’s impossible to attend the State of the Union address if you’re DEAD!
        Hummmmm……. might be time for Trump to demand a Proof of Life on the Supreme.

  2. Well, if the Russians wanted to “sow discontent” with our political system, I would suggest that they had legitimate opportunities. Evidence has emerged that the 2016 Democratic primary was rigged on Hillary Clinton’s behalf. Giving the debate questions to exactly one candidate is the tactic of the former Soviet Union. And, the Republican establishment systematically cheated to push Mitt Romney over the finish line when the rank-and-file had zero enthusiasm for his liberalism. For instance, in Louisiana the winner-take-all rule was modified from one which Rick Santorum would receive all of the delegates if he won a plurality to one in which unless he won an absolute majority, the votes for all candidates other than Rick Santorum would be used to award delegates to Mitt Romney. In North Dakota, Mitt Romney was a distant third to Rick Santorum and Ron Paul, but, when the Santorum and Paul delegates went to the statewide convention they were presented a slate of candidates to vote to send to the national convention dominated by Mitt Romney supporters.

  3. How have the heads of the DNC not been indicted for the exact same reasons?

    I guess because when Progressive liberals do it it’s okay??

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