16 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

  1. What kind of job does he have where he spends time during the day making up incendiary comments on his own blog?

    Seems pretty queer to me.

    • Bill Schmalfeldt can be described as “queer” in a great many senses, for a great many reasons.

      Perhaps that’s why pictures of his “beloved” are always so awkwardly cropped so as to place he/she’s adam’s apple out of view.

      Queer, innit?

  2. Apparently, he believes that Aaron and WJJH are the same person, or something like that.

    • I’d suggest that Bill Schmalfeldt take his complaints someplace where someone gives a damn about his opinion… But since Bill has managed to make himself persona non grata EVERY SINGLE PLACE he has physically or electronically dwelled, I can only wish him straight to Hell and wave lackadaisically as he nut-shuffles off into the flames of perdition.

      The cure, Bill. It calls to you.

  3. Yeah everybody goes from well written concise blog posts to huge blovious rambling badly written comment screeds with no provenance of authorship shown. DFs comments are pure projection and I’d love to see him get his wish of an actual trial just to watch his favorite bits of scurrilous shot down as “no proof, never was, never will be”.
    Lord he’s tedious.

  4. It’s clear Fat Bill wrote that himself. It’s almost too packed with poor grammar, and the threat is far too obvious. He’s cornered the market on stupid.

  5. DUMBF*CK, that sounds nothing like John and the King of Misspellings is the DUMBF*CK that repeatedly spelled his own name wrong in court filings. That’d be you, stupid.

  6. To paraphrase Kaymani D. West United States Magistrate Judge:
    It is noted that bill schmalfeldt provides no proof other than his own self-serving statements ….

  7. Look at it this way: In a world of confusion and change, Bill is a lodestar of consistency. His every move is as predictable as the sun coming up in the east. His every move is stupid, but still impressively predictable and consistent.

  8. If we didn’t already know exactly what Schamldfeldt has been up to the past few weeks, this idiotic ‘comment stunt’ has revealed his plan. Without a doubt he is one of the most shallow, idiotic, childish, spiteful and envious humans I have ever seen. He is broke, uneducated, unemployed, unemployable and disconnected from ALL members of his family. His life has been a complete failure to this point, but he thought moving across the country to [REACTED] his perceived enemies was a good idea.

    On a positive note, it looks like 2018 will be a huge year for PLM material. Thanks Bill!!

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