2018 FEV 14 12:00:59 UTC page d’accueil
2018 FEV 14 12:01:00 UTC page d’accueil
2018 FEV 14 12:01:22 UTC team-kimberlin-post-of-the-day-1796
2018 FEV 14 12:02:25 UTC logins-248
2018 FEV 14 12:03:21 UTC are-you-pondering-what-im-pondering-2984
2018 FEV 14 12:04:16 UTC its-official
2018 FEV 14 12:10:03 UTC its-official
2018 FEV 14 14:34:23 UTC page d’accueil
2018 FEV 14 14:34:24 UTC page d’accueil

UPDATE—2018 FEB 14 15:29:11 UTC Home Page
2018 FEB 14 15:29:14 UTC Home Page

UPDATE 2—2018 FEV 14 16:36:19 UTC page d’accueil
2018 FEV 14 16:36:22 UTC page d’accueil

UPDATE 3–2018 FEV 14 18:08:47 UTC page d’accueil
2018 FEV 14 18:08:48 UTC page d’accueil
2018 FEV 14 18:28:50 UTC logins-249
2018 FEV 14 18:32:23 UTC logins-249

UPDATE 4–2018 FEV 14 19:42:14 UTC page d’accueil
2018 FEV 14 19:42:15 UTC page d’accueil
2018 FEV 14 19:42:26 UTC logins-249
2018 FEV 14 19:47:10 UTC logins-249

UPDATE 5—2018 FEV 14 23:13:09 UTC page d’accueil
2018 FEV 14 23:14:13 UTC logins-249

UPDATE 6—2018 FEV 03 23:34:48 UTC page d’accueil
2018 FEV 15 03:3511 UTC logins-249

28 thoughts on “Logins

  1. “If they’re bothering me, they won’t be bothering others”

    Isn’t it cute how important little Biwwy thinks he is? First off, nobody ‘bothers’ Stolen Valor. He has to come looking for reasons to get all butthurt. Second, no one bothers anyone else either. Because no one else comes looking for butthurt. I’m seeing a pattern here.

    • If a comment or a tweet are considered a “bother.” Most tweets take me under a minute to compose, and comments at most take an hour to compose. Neither require a change of location. Thus, assuming I have as much as 6 hours a day to devote to bothering people, and assuming bothering one person more than once a day is a poor use of time, couldn’t I bother at least 360 people a day? Rather, if as many as 3 people were bothered by any one tweet, it would top 1000. Also, bothering him would be 1/10th of 1% of my potential to bother people in a given day.

      Though I mostly don’t interact with any of these people, as I consider “bothering” people to be a poor use of time generally.

  2. He has destroyed his tiny audience to an infinitesimal one through his obsessions but he is providing a “public service”. Irony just choked.

    • The bill schmalfeldt quote being paraphrased:

      Bill Schmalfeldt‏ @ bill365radio

      If everything is #breakingnews, then nothing is #breakingnews.
      8:34 AM – 14 Feb 2018

  3. Don’t worry Mr. Fakinsons. It only takes a second out of my day to laugh at you before going back to discrediting liberal dumbasses that are actually worth my time.

    People like state senators and Harvard law profs get 30 mins of my time. You? Not so much. Hell I found where you moved to based on 3 reposted tweets during my coffee break.

    If I were you I’d see a therapist about your case of Unwarranted Self Importance.

  4. He’s going on about wives again. Of course, he fails to mention that all three of his wives kicked him out. Yes, including his last one. She sent him packing, according to his own writings, in the ealy 2000s, which is when she bought the mobile home. Yes, SHE bought it, according to BS. They did reconcile, and spent many more years together. I include that last factoid because I am honest. He did not, however, ever fix her teeth. Buyer beware.

  5. From the tweeted video:

    Bill Schmalfeldt @bill365radio 10:26 AM – Feb 2018

    I see it as an offshoot of the fact that they were so thoroughly humiliated, ahh, when they were unable to, uhh, r-really make anything stick to me. Ahhh, law suits and criminal charges and this and that and the other. And waltzed away scot free every time.

    So says a TODDLERSTALKER! with at least 12 restraining orders in at least 5 different states. So easy to forget these things.

  6. Heat waifs from a doorway.
    The dark gloom, returned
    Chairs moaning in protest
    Two souls
    Washed with lights from apple
    Try to find a soul
    Some meaning
    Something that will, make the pain go away
    Running across country
    Trying failing
    To escape reality

  7. When he moved to the condo by the beach, coincidentally there was a gay nightclub only a couple blocks away from him. What’s the over\under on this “coincidence” happening again at the new place?

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