Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Has Bill Schmalfeldt abandoned yet another web domain? When I went to take a look at breitbitnews dot com yesterday afternoon, I found this—Perhaps the Cabin Boy™ is trying to run away from more that just South Carolina.

34 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I’ve also seen that happen on a site where the activity exceeded the megre CPU share allotted on a shared-hosting wordpress site.. in that case it probably wasn’t even being hit 3 or 4 times a second.. which should be within the capacity of a commodore 64 if you somehow managed to duct-tape it to the internet, but well. What are the odds here?

      • $10 will sell. $50 may sell. $200 to the rare freak. If it didn’t work, you could replace 90% of the guts with a raspberry pie or similar and turn it into a conversation piece. There are emulators for c64 that are quite good, but more importantly, you could alt-tab (equivalent) into Unix and break your buddies brain. (How come I didn’t know it could do that?)

        Though you may need to find a relic of a TV to pull it all off.

  2. Functional illiteracy is sad. No one said the trip was fake. Some have suggested that this could be a rerun of an earlier trip. Everyone is quite hapoy that this is further proof that someone is a liar and does not have a certain illness, and is able to travel and drive, just fine. This is also further proof that there is no stalking occurring, or fear of it.

    What is this, move number 10 in ten months?

  3. Happy to correct the functionally illiterate native English speaker who scored a C- on an ESL test. The question, however, must be in English.

    • Funny, I only see Aaron comment here once in a great while and always under his own name. Guess bus tickets eat into the cheap whiskey budget. Maybe Bill’s been snaking on Tide Pods and has lost what little grey matter he had left.

  4. It’s sad when two homeless people can’t afford a comb or a hairbrush.
    It’s sad when two mentally unstable people see conspiracies everywhere, and get their sole joy in life out if imagining that they are somehow involved.
    So sad.
    Tip of the day: brush twice a day!

  5. He is basically fleeing everything while throwing as much chaff into the air as he can. It will be to no avail. The FailWhale has no place to go where he isn’t a failure, because wherever he goes, there he is.
    Proverbs 28:1 1The wicked flee though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion.

  6. Speaking as someone who has set up quite a few WordPress sites in the past several years, this is what you see if you have erased/deleted the MySQL database for your WordPress site.

    Now why would someone want to delete their WordPress database which contains everything that they ever posted, including the original of every post which they changed or deleted? Why would some want to do that?……

    [Professional WordPress consultant. Don’t try this at home.]

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