Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Since Brett Kimberlin unwisely took on Aaron Walker in 2012, every Team Kimberlin LOLsuit has ended in failure. Only one LOLsuit made it to trial after having most of its claims thrown out on summary judgment, and the trail was stopped before we defendants put on our case because The Dread Deadbeat Pro-Se Kimberlin failed to offer any evidence to support his claims that we had defamed him or invaded his privacy. All TDPK’s peace order petitions similarly failed. None of Bill Schmalfeldt’s LOLsuits have survived motions to dismiss. The peace order petition he filed against Patrick Grady failed because The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt failed to face Mr. Grady in court.

One common feature of most of these LOLsuits has been making claims that aren’t supported by a lawful cause of action. I wrote about that in the TKPOTD from two years ago today.

* * * * *

A recurring theme in many of the Team Kimberlin LOLsuits is the inclusion of claims for nonexistent torts. For example, two of the claims in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance lawsuit were thrown out at summary judgment because they weren’t based on any recognized cause of action. In that case, The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin tried to my codefendants and me for stalking and harassment, but while they are crimes, they are not torts. In the RICO Remnant LOLsuit, he’s trying to sue for conspiracy, and, as Judge Mason told him, that’s not a stand-alone tort either.

popcorn4bkThe Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt has followed in his excellent friend’s footsteps. When he filed LOLsuit I: The Emotional Picture, he included a claim for harassment. In LOLsuit IV: The Voyage to Oblivion, the Cabin Boy™ tried to sue for both harassment and conspiracy. In LOLsuit VI: The Undiscovered Krendler, … well, we’ll see.

Stay tuned.

* * * * *

The Cabin Boy™ included claims in LOLsuit VIII: Avoiding Contact for which there were no causes of action and wound up having to withdraw them in his amended complaint, and that amend complaint was dismissed because, just like LOLsuits III, IV, and VI, he sued in courts not having personal jurisdiction over the defendants.

And butthurt is still not a tort.

35 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Can someone violate the hatch act thousands of times, retire, then get rehired, does the US Attorney get another crack at them?

    Magic 8 ball says


  2. Watching all this from afar, and admittedly catching up on Bill and Will the Cat Lady’s incessant whining, it appears some things never change. It is pretty damned funny to see Kimberlin getting his ass handed to him again. And California Willy still defending him. (He has an affinity for wee criminals, I guess.) And Fat Billy still blustering about wanting to be left alone while harassing this collective non-stop.

    One particular point that cracked me up was Will the Cat Lady saying Fat Billy isn’t in the poor house. If he isn’t, he’s living 2 doors down. Wasting poor Gail’s insurance payout on god knows what, driving his supposed Parkinson’s-ridden ass to find a John Denver drag queen, then shacking up in low end motels doesn’t exactly scream comfortable retirement.

    And after all this, Fat Billy’s legacy is still the same – a trail of failure, harrassing others, and outrageous lies all captured on the interwebs forever. Gee, I bet his spawn are proud. 😂

  3. I seem to recall that both the Deadbeat and Dreadful Pro Se litigants had orders to pay costs and other monies and past TKPOTDs have pointed to a certain lack of forward progress in the payment process. Just out of curiosity, have they actually coughed up the dosh yet?

    • No, Bill is a fucking deadbeat and always will be. Go ahead Bill, prove me wrong, post the receipt of you paying your court ordered sanctions.

  4. Folks, a certain deranged cyberstalker, proud holder of multiple restraining orders, is on the move, heading West. The Man Who Just Wants To Be Left Alone is tweeting every stop he makes. That is how he keeps a low profile.
    Oh, this is part of some Cunning Plan, no doubt. Perhaps to take advantage of certain libel laws in a certain state. Never mind that pesky jurisdictional stuff.
    The point is, take adequate precautions.

  5. Aw. Folks, bookmark this one and remember to post it the next time he complains about being “stalked.”

    • Decreasing readership?

      How many posts, followers, etc have you cumulatively gotten in your entire existence, Fatass?

      It’s a stone cold lock that the readership of Hogewash is several orders of magnitude above that single digit number, racist stolen valor turd.

      Must really chap your hail damaged fat ass that John will always be better than you in everything.

      Of course anyone with two functioning brain cells, the common sense G-d gave a chipmunk, and a work ethic level above your lazy goldbricking ass will ALWAYS be better than you.

  6. Yet who misspelled their own name on multiple lawsuits?

    You of all people, DF… shouldn’t be correcting grammar…. or anything…

  7. You would think that being “smart” Progressives, that the PedoBomber and Sir Run-Away FatF*ck would have learn that “Butthurt in NOT Tort” after the 1st or 2nd failed lawsuit.

    But like Lieawatha Lizzie Warren, they persisted.
    And FAILED again, and again, and again…

    And they will continue to FAIL, because the reality of “Butthurt is NOT Tort” does not compute in their perverted and demented worlds.

  8. Of course, this whole move west could just be completely fake, and he’s posting photos of the trip he took last month. The trip that should have caused him excruciating pain had he taken it to Maryland.

  9. Personally, in my book, “freedom” includes:
    Not pretending to have a degenerative progressive illness
    Not lying to people about my ability to travel
    Being able to afford to fly or go by train, first class
    Being able to take care of my pets, not abandoning them
    Getting my teeth fixed.
    Paying for hosting services, not abusing trial periods

    Anyone else have ideas of what freedom does or does not mean?

    • I don’t hate him. He’s not worth it. I do despise him and all his activities and wish him a slow, painful, lingering death, but hate him? No way.

    • I don’t hate him, I don’t think any of us really hate him, that would require that we care (at least a little bit ) about him and none of us do.

      I despise him because he’s a Parkinson’s faking, welfare sucking lying drama queen, but I don’t hate him.


    • He doesn’t have freedom.

      He is constantly tied to this and other websites because he can’t let go. Practically every single day he manages to tweet something about the people on this site and others and yet.. he chooses not to exercise the freedom to walk way.

      He cannot quit us because we are all he has. Despite his claims the resistance gamer gives him the love he needs, he can’t help but bring up this and other sites several times a day.

      If he truly wants to be free, he knows the choice to make. He’ll never do it because he can’t.

      Remember he’s on a trip for new beginnings, and yet..

      • the only person “whining” here is Fat*SS Dumb5ck Bill.
        We are all laughing at his stompy foot “PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!11!” shenanigans.

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