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After years of frivolous litigation involving multiple LOLsuits (I’ve been a defendant in four of ’em and a bogus peace order petition), The Dread Deadbeat Pro-Se Kimberlin’s campaign of brass knuckles reputation management has been singularly unsuccessful. And now his name is back in the news because of his association with Cody Shearer, the creator of the anti-Trump “Dossier No. 2.”

J. E. Dyer writes about the Shearer/Kimberlin connection in a post over at Liberty Unyielding.

Shearer, besides being a major piece of work in general, played a key role during the George H.W. Bush years, and the first Clinton campaign for the 1992 election, in hyping Brett Kimberlin’s claim that he (Kimberlin) had sold pot to then-Vice President Dan Quayle, years before when Quayle was younger.  Shearer had known Kimberlin for years, in other words, and used his (Shearer’s) journalistic pulpit to retail a politicized narrativeon Kimberlin’s behalf.

But although BuzzFeed and Daily Caller both cite unnamed sources affirming Kimberlin’s marginal role in the “Russia” narrative assembled separately in 2016 (again, Kimberlin denies it), what really completes the circle is Cody Shearer’s membership in the Shearer family, whose ties to the Clintons, including his own, could hardly be closer.

Read the whole thing. And also checkout this post over at The Weekly Standard.

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  1. I always thought that a charity is the perfect vehicle for laundering a salary. Suppose you run a political black ops firm, and, you want to hire an operative without a paper trail, one way to do it is to find a “charity” that is willing to accept a donation greater than his salary to put him on their books. The black ops firm could them raise money without another paper trail by directing donations to that charity.

    For some reason, I am reminded of Neal Rauhauser.

    Now, suppose that same black ops firm wanted to solicit information from a foreign source without a paper trail. That money, also, could be laundered through a charity. A donation is converted to salary, and, that draw is used. If the foreign intrigue is uncovered, there are no fingerprints, and, you retain plausible deniability.

    For some reason, I am reminded of Brett Kimberlin.

    • The best way to con someone is to find that one thing which they desire. The anti-Trump forces are the most easily manipulated fools on the planet. Offer them proof that DJT is a sex-obsessed Russian puppet, and the money will flow like wine. I guarantee it: These were not the only dossiers.

  2. 1) It was not a sale; it was a wedding gift.
    2) It was not from him, it was from his [then] girlfriend.
    3) It was not given to [redacted], whom neither of them new, it was a gift to his new bride.
    4) He never touched it. Literally.
    5) It was an utterly forgettable minor incident involving nobodies during a whirlwind wedding-announcement tour.
    6) The entire incident lasted only a few minutes; he had never met them before, he never saw them again.
    7) It was not as described; the contents of the baggie looked and smelled like oregano, with hints of catnip.
    8) [redacted] was fully convinced that it was oregano, and was a joke in extremely poor taste.
    9) It was immediately, within a minute, consigned for disposal to two chance-met strangers; hippies soliciting a ride to town.

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      • God also obviously has a sense of humor, given that he made Unca Biwwy The World’s Stupidest Man and then didn’t give him the ability of self-reflection.

      • Please allow me to clarify – I was not referring to Donald Trump as the person to whom God ought to send some folks bearing gifts of baseball bats or tire irons (which are much more readily available); I was referring to the lying, misogynist, racist, bigoted anti-Semite William Matthew Schmalfeldt, who suggested that God (in whom Bill Schmalfeldt does not believe) should visit the President with a stroke or a bolt of lightning.

        Bill Schmalfeldt does not deserve the mercy of such a relatively quick and painless end.

  4. Dear Secret Service:
    Bill Schmalfelt has been hit with 13 restraining order, including one to protect a three year old little boy. He offered to urinate on a woman’s children. He has admitted that he has a form of dementia. In open court, he asked a judge if he could plead diminished capacity. He has written often about his violent fantasies, and despises the president.

    • P.S. In case you were wondering “Secret Service and FBI”… the baseball bat and tire iron in question is in reference to a post by Bill Schmalfeldt himself.

      Thanks for the laugh, Fatass.

    • Dear Secret Service:

      Bill Schmalfeldt is also good friends with convicted domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin, a known lover of Tovex and timers.

      Feel free to investigate Bill’s claim of disability while roaming the country, and Brett’s charities where charity seems to begin at home so to speak.

      Photos of Bill with an AR-15 rifle and poor trigger control, as well as his stories about beating lawyers with baseball bats can also be provided as well.

      if you like, the 3 year old ( maybe now 4 ) that got a restraining order against Bill may be available for comment. I assume it will be something like “Bill is a doody head”.

  5. Question: what kind of psycho creates over 200 twitter accounts, over 100 blogs, and does so on average about every two weeks?

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