Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

One common characteristic among the members of Team Kimberlin is their mouths writing checks their bodies can’t cash. As can be seen from the TKPOTD from a year ago today, the Cabin Boy’s™ idle threats are a prime example.

* * * * *

fmp201702060510zIf I were going to eat a gun, I’d probably go for one of these—

chocolate1911My problem is that a full-size chocolate Model 1911 packs over 110 g of fat, and my cardiologist tells me eating that much at once would probably not be good for my cholesterol levels. However, if the Gentle Reader would like to give one a try, these chocolate 1911s are available from Amazon. Click on the image on the left to buy.

* * * * *

Not only could the Cabin Boy™ not cash his mouth’s check, but I made a few bucks from Amazon commissions on sales of chocolate .45s.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

12 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

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  2. Didn’t William “Stolen Valor” Schmalfeldt of Underpass SC also crow about getting married to balloon boy and fixing his teeth? Yet another example of his over promising but under delivering. Poor Bill can’t even convince an inflatable sex toy to stay with him.

    • “In recent years, Kimberlin has been involved in number of frivolous lawsuits aimed at shutting down conservative blogs.”

      As has his butt-buddy.

    • I asked over at Dave’s place (one of the few websites he isn’t banned from) why he got the heave ho from his hosting company. Was it nonpayment? Production and recording of child porn skits? Playing music without the proper licenses? He never answered. He always demands answers but never seems to provide them. Queer.

  3. William “Stolen Valor” Schmalfeldt of Underpass SC’s announcement was probably postponed when he discovered it would have to be about locating a second cardbox for his underpass.

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