Minor Media News

It appears that the Cabin Boy™ really has been replaced as editor at Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Billy Boy Brett Unread. Marcus Crassus is back.

And something else is gone. The Hogewatch tab is missing from the site menu.

I’ll take that as BU being sent down to a lesser league.

UPDATE—One thing hasn’t changed. That post by Crassus has been up since Friday without a single comment.

11 thoughts on “Minor Media News

    • Nah, Marcus Crassus is Krendler.

      It’s obvious when you think about it..

      At least, if you think about it from the bottom of a bottle of JW, like old Bill.

      • But the only person actually ID’d as Krendler is Bill, so that means Bill is still writing for BU!

        Side note, “Minor media” is misleading. Most of us think “micro” or “nano” media would be more accurate, and you’ll probably get a flurry of hits from Brett searching for pictures of minors.

    • Marcus Crassus is actually Odious Asparagus. Next week he will be Nebulus Nimbus, followed by Nefarius Purpus. There is a sign-up sheet in the forum; follow the usual signs in the pavement.

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