I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

After all of the pointage, laughery, and mockification directed at the Bill Schmalfeldt for his long trail of failed and abandoned blogs and websites, he’s used a link to an archive of one of his memory-holed rants in this tweet.

Among the many lies contained in that archived post is a statement that I falsified an application for a copyright registration by stating that “Paul Krendler” and I shared the same address. The application I filed makes no such claim. It states that I am person to contact regarding the application and any subsequent registration, and it gives my address, etc. as contact information. That’s not the same thing as saying we reside together or otherwise share the same address, but reading comprehension doesn’t seem to be one of the Cabin Boy’s™ strong suits. Remember, he has bragged about making a C- on an English as a Second Language Test.

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

UPDATE—2018 FEV 05 03:31:19 UTC page d’accueil
2018 FEV 05 03:31:22 UTC page d’accueil
2018 FEV 05 03:33:02 UTC im-not-making-this-up-you-know-178
2018 FEV 05 03:44:42 UTC im-not-making-this-up-you-know-178
2018 FEV 05 04:20:23 UTC page d’accueil
2018 FEV 05 04:20:43 UTC im-not-making-this-up-you-know-178

30 thoughts on “I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

  1. The banality of banality. The insanity I get at work ranks up there with this but multiplied across the populace. This could be why so many of us folks at Treasury are looking at buying boats to run bumboat businesses and other things in not just Micronesia but also the Caribbean.

  2. Still getting more views and comments on my blog posts about the rancid Bill Schmalfeldt than all the listeners he’s ever had on his hundreds of 30 day trial internet radio stations.

    And the reason I continue to write about him is simplicity itself: I gave him every opportunity to take a very simple step to make me stop, and he has constantly chosen not to avail himself of that solution.

    So resistant was this DUMBFUCK to his own best interest that I finally understood that he will ALWAYS defeat himself, and I withdrew the opportunity. Now, his road to happiness is closed because he blew up the bridge BEFORE crossing it instead of after.

    And as Rafiki says:

  3. Is he talking about his team member, here? The convicted felon who impersonated someone from the department of defense? And isn’t BS a great advocate of someone who has paid their debt to society?

  4. He’s printing them. BS is tweeting them. Maybe because he doesn’t dance to BS’s tune.

  5. If our beloved Sonoran Conservative is his latest target, will the “8 Time LolSuit Loser” aka Twitter Attorney at Law William Schmalfeldt, esq., be forced to travel to the Valley of the Sun to file the highly anticipated LoLSuit 9? Regardless where the suit is filed, it will certainly be very expensive for the Cabin Boy.

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