Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The Cabin Boy™ has been running off at the keyboard on teh Twitterz today.

Je parle français, mais je ne poste généralement pas dans cette langue.

2018 JAN 31 02:26:19 UTC page d’accueil
2018 JAN 31 12:43:34 UTC page d’accueil
2018 JAN 31 12:44:27 UTC team-kimberlin-post-of-the-day-1783
2018 JAN 31 12:44:58 UTC team-kimberlin-post-of-the-day-1783
2018 JAN 31 19:17:13 UTC page d’accueil
2018 JAN 31 19:18:14 UTC prevarication-du-jour-159
2018 JAN 31 19:19:55 UTC prevarication-du-jour-159
2018 JAN 31 19:22:33 UTC prevarication-du-jour-159
2018 FEV 01 01:31:09 UTC page d’accueil
2018 FEV 01 01:31:32 UTC prevarication-du-jour-159

Tout ce que …

13 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Savez-vous comment vous pouvez dire que la baise stupide ment?
    Ses lèvres bougent, ou dans ce cas ses doigts tapent.

    I do apologize for my bad french skills, High school and College was a long time ago.
    Anyways been traveling for work and I come home and see dumb fuck is up to his old tricks lying, and some how it Grady fault. Or is it Paul Krendler, hoge, or who ever is the boggy many of the week.

  2. Proof that he lied again a couple months ago when he said he had left BU, and in his place, the mysterious alleged pedophile Langston Hews appeared.

    • “For reasons of my own” – he’s being ordered
      “effective immediately” – he screwed something up
      “spread my wings” – spread his vomit and other bodily fluids
      “I wish them well” – I hate theses guys but they’re on my team so…
      “in the perilous future” – we’re all deluded and think that we’re important enough to garner attention from powerful people we ineptly oppose.

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