Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

After a series of losses in court here in Maryland, the Cabin Boy™ slunk off to Wisconsin. After a couple more losing LOLsuits, he moved on again, this time without keeping the Circuit Court for Carroll County where I was suing him informed of his new address. Of course, I was able to track him down, and of course, he tried to deny that I’d found him. This was the TKPOTD from a year ago today.

* * * * *

As the Maryland Court of Special Appeals noted in Smith-Myers Corp. v. Sherill, 209 Md. App. 494 (2013), parties to a lawsuit are required to keep the court advised of their current address, otherwise service of court papers will be made to a party’s last known address and the party is at risk of not being able to respond in a timely manner.

I’ll just leave this right here—clintonia

UPDATE—The Cabin Boy™ is cluttering up my Twitter timeline with drivel about this post.fmp201701310532zOne of the interesting things about that web visitor from Schmalfeldt’s home town is that he often logs in here at Hogewash! immediately before the Cabin Boy™ tweets about something on this blog.clinton-loginHmmmm.

* * * * *

Schmalfeldt was lying about not living in Clinton, Iowa, but he didn’t stay there long. After losing his announcing job at KMCN and failing to get the police to believe his tire slashing story, he bailed for someplace where the didn’t know him.


8 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. And let’s not forget that his actions at that time, moving to Iowa and then his round-trip visits to SC, followed by him moving to SC, prove beyond a shadow of doubt that he does NOT have Parkinson’s. He claims to have some proof that he has this disease, all the while proving by his actions that he doesn’t. He should be glad that none of his lawsuits every make it past motions to dismiss.

    • Careful, A-Dog…. the neckless POS is mewling on Twitter like the gutless whining sandy vagoo he is… that he is about to ADD YOU TO ANOTHER DOOMED TO FAIL LULZUIT!!!11!1 ELEVENTY!!!1!

      Butthurt ain’t a tort, you ignorant pile of feces.

      May you join Frisch in jail soon, fatass.

    • Go fuck yourself, “Langston.”

      Go ahead. LOL Potion Number 9.

      Everyone who has ever interacted with you has “face[d] the possibility of a libel suit.

      What they have not ever faced is the possibility of a judgment against them. There are several reasons for this.

      1. You’re a fucking idiot.
      2. See number 1.
      3. Butthurt is not a tort.
      4. Personal jurisdiction is an actual thing.
      5. And you don’t understand how it works.
      6. You are one of the most prolific liars it has ever been my great pleasure to point at, laugh at and mock.
      7. Your personal history of lies serves as an absolute record of your complete lack of credibility and of the complete self-destruction of your own reputation.
      8. In other words, you are absolutely defamation proof, and it is entirely due to your own efforts.

      Let me know if you need more reasons, you useless sack of pig vomit.

      • I’m pretty sure we could come up with a use for a sack of pig vomit long before Ol’ PotatoHead could show that he is of any use whatsoever (outside of being an all-time great object of PLM).

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