Prevarication Du Jour

At least one of these tweets contains a false statement.Either the Clinton Police had a confession concerning the imaginary tire slashing and knew whodunnit or they had no proof.

Or the Cabin Boy™ has been caught lying again.

The Gentle Reader may make up his own mind.

26 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

  1. Alcoholism can cause Parkinson like symptoms. For alcoholics like Schmalfeldt, the tremor develops because of damage to the part of the brain that coordinates movement. Which really explains how and why Schmalfeldt damaged his tires. This also proves that when Schamlfeldt stops his blackout drinking, his Parkinson’s gets better. For more information, see Dr. James Strawbridge statement at
    Yes Bill Schamlfeldt, I am calling you a liar who has been using his alcoholism to fake Parkinson’s to defraud the government.

    • While that could be a cause, he don’t have the type of Parkinsons that causes trembling.
      He has the type the affects his speech so badly he had to take disability from his job at NIH. It’s also the type that allows him to produce non-stop podcasts now like he was doing before.

      He has the type that affects his gait so badly that he swore he was wheelchair bound for life. It’s also the type that allows him to go for long walks by himself.

      He has the type that requires him to turn in his DL and quit driving. It’s also the kind that allows him to buy a car and drive thousands and thousands of miles by himself.

      He has the type that prevents him from working so he needs to be on disability. It’s also the type that allowed him to get a job doing exactly what he was doing before he got sick.

      Now I don’t know about you, but I’m seeing a strange pattern here…….

  2. If someone would lie a out having a debilitating disease what’s a little lie about police reports and slashing tires?

    Oh, and more projection from Mr. Fakinsons.

  3. Prediction: the plea deal will be thrown out and all charges will be dropped. The mental deterioration of the left will continue.

  4. You kind of have to admire the tenacity with which he pursues his main career of lying about everything all the time. It would be impossible, I think, for almost any human to manage that. Oh. Wait a moment . . .

  5. Yes, they most certainly will listen. Whistleblower and qui tam actions are two examples. BS takes to Twitter and whines and falsely accuses people of doing so when his multiple moves raise red flags, thereby requiring verification of his account.

  6. Guess the rotten maw inflata-idiot kicked your fat ass to the curb, huh?

    You can’t even hold on to a bankrupt, single digit IQ, fuggly, nazty azz blow up doll…… Your chance with a “rich sugar momma” is about the same as you having a lulzuit making it past a MTD or having any sort of following for any of your online “comedy.”

    Less than zero, fatf*ck.

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