I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

The Guardian has a story up about a second memo that the FBI is allegedly evaluating that supposedly confirms some of the infamous Steele dossier of opposition research about Donald Trump paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign. The source of the memo is said to be Cody Shearer. That’s the same Cody Shearer who promoted Brett Kimberlin’s false claim to have been Dan Quayle’s dope dealer.


13 thoughts on “I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

  1. Desperate clutching at straws at this point. McCabe testified that NOTHING in the first dossier had been confirmed, except that Carter Page had traveled to Russia on business, which was publicly available information.

    Bottom line: Comey himself testified that Trump was NEVER under investigation for colluding with Russia. What will be revealed over the course of the next year is that Obama weaponized the FBI, DOJ and other intelligence agencies and made them political tools. They abused the FISA system. It was actually Hillary, the Clinton Foundation, and Fusion GPS who “colluded” with Russia. People are going to jail over this, and it’s not Trump. Now, being a realist, I doubt it will be Hillary, either.

    • After watching our legal system in action via our Gracious Host, I’m not betting on anyone going to jail. The system is only to punish those not in the elite class or espousing incorrect groupthink.

      • There’s a special prosecutor, so unfairly confident that one or more people on Trump’s team will be going to jail.

        For process crimes, of course, not for anything of substance. Mueller has to justify the time and money spent, after all.

  2. What a corrupt, incestuous, felonious little cabal.

  3. https://dankennedy.net/2007/09/12/how-false-becomes-true/comment-page-1/

    [A]bout 30 minutes later, older people started to remember some of the false statements as true, and three days later, very large numbers of older people and significant numbers of younger people also started remembering increasing numbers of myths as true.

    The true statements did not suffer the same kind of deterioration with time. In other words, over time we tend to remember false things as true but not true things as false.

  4. The “logic” of one memo confirming another is a near text-book example of circular reasoning. Memo one has no “confirmation” other than memo two, and memo two has no “confirmation” other than memo one.

  5. More news (I saw this yesterday, but now the MSM has picked it up):

      • There’s been nary a peep about the OIG investigation which has been ongoing for a year now. That’s because it’s been conducted professionally, and not as a political hit job from a smear shop.

        If I’d been working in the smear shop, I’d be awfully nervous right about now.

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