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One of weakness which seems to be shared among all the members of Team Kimberlin is poor reading comprehension. That defect is a likely cause of some of The Dread Deadbeat Kimberlin’s legal theories; he seems to routinely misread and misapply case law in his court filings. The Cabin Boy™ often fails to comprehend the meaning of something he’s read and will go off half-cocked as he did when he wasted several days last year trying to show that I had engaged in plagiarism. This Defamation Du Jour ran a year ago today.

* * * * *

In a marvelous example of his poor reading comprehension skills, the Cabin Boy™ has taken a post in which I refer to the gist of a summary of the recent Women’s March, noting that it is something I read and not my own, and has written a post at Breitbart UnmaskedBunny Billy Boy Unread accusing me of plagiarism.fmp201701242015z

My post states “the best summary was,” the use of the the past tense clearly indicating that I was reporting something I had read—as opposed to have possibly used the present tense (“the best summary is”), indicating my analysis. BTW, I read the bit about fat women out walking in several places and have no idea who said it first.

Given that the Cabin Boy™ has included a copy of the Hogewash! post in his article, clearly demonstrating that his accusation is recklessly false, it would be wise for Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Billy Boy Unread to take the post down and publish a retraction and apology. Of course, wisdom has never appeared to be one of the Cabin Boy’s™ long suits, but I will give him until 12 noon Eastern Time tomorrow to take down his defamatory post and publish a retraction and apology. If he does not, I will take appropriate action.

* * * * *

I’m not through with him yet.

40 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

      • Anyone can plagiarize and not break the law contrary to what he claims. It COULD but not necessarily become unlawful if you are using plagiarized material to compete for grants, federal funding, etc based on material that is not yours.

        If I start plagiarizing every one of dumbfuck’s posts, nothing would happen to me because well he’s a dumbfuck that doesn’t understand the law.

  1. I think before you accuse Cabin Boy Bill of having poor reading comprehension skills you would need to first prove he has any reading comprehension skills whatsoever.

  2. Regarding reading comprehension… Two different things, methinks-

    Bill Schmalfeldt can’t comprehend because he’s galactically stupid. The boy just ain’t all there. His rage is predicated on feelings, inconsistency, lack of education, a superficial understanding of history and a mis-reading of our common culture.

    El Kimbo The Kimberist The Brettster Kimbermeister Brett Kimberlin The Speedway Bomber operates almost entirely on feelings coupled with a limited understanding of court procedure that exceeds most any non-lawyers not named John Hoge . My guess is Brett watches a lot of TV; especially lawyer shows. You know- The ones where a lawyer stands up and makes a stirring argument appealing to the jury’s heartstrings.

    “Do it for JUSTICE! THIS is what we stand for!”

    Opposing counsel replies, “Yeah it’s sad, Brett, but that’s not what black letter law says.’

    And then the court says, “Kimberlin fails.”

    All of this IMHO. Don’t sue me, Brett.

    And- Re-reading this it occurs to me that since less-informed people might ponder what the meaning of ‘is’ is, I should elaborate for the benefit of Maryland courts: IMHO is a term young people use to explicitly mean ‘In my humble opinion.”


    The return of “Tuff Stuff” Blob.

    Oh, we miss this part of the Schmycle so.

    Given your track record following through with your RAWRR! posts…. we’re going to just cut to the laughing at your worthless azz.


      • Also, the “superior” grammatical skills of a failed writer rear their ugly heads. John has “failed” because he wants to be a toad?
        Let’s see: NASA engineer. Long, happy marriage with a lovely woman. A son who loves him and interacts with him. Loving friends and family. None of which the SC gollum possesses.

      • Well, he could hike his skirts and flee again. Oh. Wait. He’s already done that. What else does he have left in his arsenal? And do we know for sure if he’s living in a dumpster or under an overpass? Or in a dumpster under an overpass?

    • Or what Bill? You’ll run away streaming fear pee again? You are running out of places to run and hide. Rumor has it you’ve been seen roughing it at the Flying J truck stop parking lot after being kicked to the curb by the sister of the woman you promised to marry but haven’t yet because all you do is lie and grifted.

    • If you’re an internet tough guy, but you’re shadowbanned so the only people who read your Twitter threats are those who come to laugh at you, is your inflatamate still hideous?

      Asking for a DUMBFUCK.

  4. Apparently Team Kimberlin and the Acme Legal Team believe in ‘skimming’ the relevant literature on a subject. In Bill’s case, he often relies on documents which are not actually case law, but which are nonbinding opinions by an attorney general, or policies of professional organizations.

    If this is going to be entertaining, somebody on that side must become competent.

  5. You tell ’em, “Langston!”

    • Very clever of a failing blogger, who yet again is in the middle of a rebranding, to claim he has a diagnosis of an illness. Is it still taking its meds? When was the last time it went to see a physician for a check up? Is it still drinking alcohol? Is it still driving hundreds and thousands of miles across the country? What happened to the mobile command center?

    • IMNAL, did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, may have or may not have played a lawyer on TV. He has filed several lawsuits in which he could have made claims against people about this, but has chosen not to do so. My layman’s understanding of “res judicata” would seem to preclude any actions on his part.

    • I am not anonymous you coward … take me on… again. YOU dismissed that suit immediately. Aaron is still my attorney of record, wanna go up against him, AGAIN? Come on faker! Or do you only consider Twitter the proper forum to mock you and call you out you fat, stupid puke?

    • Can someone remind me again just who these “(n)ationally-renowned experts on a specific illness who have made the diagnosis and would say so in court” are, and if possible where they’ve testified in court about this individual or have promised to do so? And who did/will pay their witness fees?
      I was on a jury several years ago in which a “nationally-renowned medical expert” testified that he was paid $800/hr, portal-to-portal for his 2+ hours of testimony. That meant that he got paid from the time he left home until the time he returned. So, he got paid $6400 for the 8 hours he spent sleeping in his (also paid for) very cushy hotel suite. Nice work if you can get it. Who would pay Not-so-Brightbit’s “nationally-renowned experts”?

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  7. The last time he presented “proof” his illness, it was a dx by history, his own Schmalfeldt-reliable history. Of course, by his “internet” history, he couldn’t raise either of his arms above his head, couldn’t walk, couldln’t drive, etc. etc.

  8. Hey, does faking your Parkinsons keep you from getting married and buying your spouse new chompers? Asking for a balloon animal.

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