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I’m just a blogger these days, but 50 years ago I was working in radio news. One of the things I learned to do was to verify the credibility of my sources. As this post On the Vetting of Sources from two years ago today shows, Team Kimberlin has never let the truth or trustworthiness of a source get in the way of a story.

* * * * *

Back when I was working in radio doing news, one of the most important things I was taught to do was to vet a new source as thoroughly as possible and to stay on top of old ones. People sometimes lie when it’s to their advantage.

The Cabin Boy™ claims that the 3per screenshot from an account was alleged to be mine was sent to him by a source. That may be true. There’s some evidence to support that. If one examines the html code for the webpage that he published, one finds this as the URL for the screenshot: [Broken link. File memory holed by the Cabin Boy™.]

The name of the image is consistent with the default naming convention used by Mac OS X, and it timestamps the image at 10:38:06 am. However, the timestamp for the posting on the image itself is 12:36 pm. So either the screenshot was taken almost two hours before the post existed, or it was taken by a computer which had its clock set to the Pacific Time Zone.

Here’s another interesting bit of data. The Cabin Boy™ included another screenshot from the 3per forum in subsequent post, and the timestamps on the post captured and his image both align in the Central Time Zone.

Now, it could be that the Cabin Boy™ just happened to reset his computer’s clock between 12:38 and 2:46 pm yesterday, but another possible explanation is that the first screenshot was sent to him by someone west of the Rockies. That would absolve him of creating the forgery, but convict him of negligence in vetting his source (at best) or conspiracy with his source in publishing the forgery.

Either way, Bill Schmalfeldt has made a fool of himself again by participating in the creation of false evidence, in this case by possibly engaging in identity theft.

Exit question: Who in the Pacific Time Zone would do such a thing?

UPDATE—Another possible explanation for the timestamp offset would be the use of a Mac that was physically in another time zone but still had its clock set to the default Cupertino time.

UPDATE 2—The Cabin Boy™ seems to believe that he is owed sort of explanation from me when some third-party trolls him.NQ201601201517ZThat belief is thoroughly, totally, and utterly wrong. I have no obligation to do the research for his “investigative reporting” for him. If he fancies himself a real journalist, he can do some real basic journalism.

Moreover, I find it amusing that after all of his protestations of how I have supposedly lied about so many things, he wants to rely on my word as a check on the veracity of anything.

I couldn’t make this stuff up it I tried.

UPDATE 3—Why does the Cabin Boy™ think that my experience in broadcasting was similar to his?NQ201601201835ZAmpex 300It’s true that I’ve done my share of rip’n’read newscasts torn from an AP or UPI teletype, especially when I was covering the midnight to 6 am shift. It’s also true that I’ve spent my share of time schlepping a battery-powered tape recorder around recording events and doing interviews. I’ve spent hours with a razor blade, slicing block, and an Ampex 300 or 351 tape machine (the old kind with tubes) editing stories for the 15 minute newscast at 6 or 10 pm. I was doing all this before the Cabin Boy™ got out of middle school.

It’s really quite sad that the Cabin Boy™ can’t seem to find anything positive to write about, but … oh, let’s just leave it at he’s in a truly sad situation.

* * * * *

His Internet footprint keeps shrinking. When will it reach the event horizon and implode into a black hole?

Get some more popcorn and stay tuned.

16 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Can you make enough money working the parking lot of the Flying J to keep your cellular WiFi paid for? Asking for a friend.

  2. Mania, blocked from broadcasting child porn, stuck with insanely hygenically challenged dental patient, about to be exposed for graft and corruption…


  3. Bill is so obviously envious of WJJH’s journalism career .

    Bill’s career was not even 10% of WJJH; and it burns his ass that everyone laughs at Bill’s “30 years of investigative journalism”.

      • Didn’t you leave out a comma there? “30 minutes of investigating, cut and pasting journalism”.
        Although I tend to doubt the 30 minutes part. There’s no indication I’ve seen that he has an attention span that long.

  4. bill schmalfeldt will never verify a source or check the facts, as that would mean he would have to actually have to get off his a$$ and do something that involved effort.

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