Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Yesterday, I wrote about the lame comments that Team Kimberlin have attempted to post to this blog. While some have been a source of comic relief in there childishness, some have been disgusting. The TKPOTD from three years ago dealt with some of those comments.

* * * * *

Yesterday, Hogewash! received 20 comments which appeared to come from one or more members of Team Kimberlin. I won’t reproduce them here; they are too vile and, in some cases, obscene for this blog. They can be read here. I don’t recommend them, but they’re there for anyone who feels the need to see the sewage that flows from those cyberthugs.

While their behavior is shameful, I doubt that it is possible to shame them. I suspect that their consciences are too seared for them to feel that emotion.

Superficially, this sort of crap is annoying, but at a deeper level, it is actually encouraging. As the noose tightens and panic sets in, this vileness is all Team Kimberlin has left.

* * * * *

Later that day three years ago, one of the Kimberbots decided to double down on stupid. I responded that he should Feel Free to Make a Bigger Fool of Yourself.

* * * * *

Here’s one of the Team Kimberlin comments so far this afternoon.TK210501191932ZGo ahead. Post the stuff on Facebook. Mrs. Hoge’s friends all know her and will be certain that the she isn’t the source of any of your filth. While you’ll disgust some people, you won’t embarrass her. You’ll simply show yourself to be a creeptastic fool.

You’re gonna need a good-sized bandage for you own foot.

* * * * *

And so the mockery continues, but not as Team Kimberlin expected.

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