I’m Buying More Popcorn Futures

Chelsea Manning has announced his (He still has a Y-chromosome; the science is settled.) candidacy for the 2018 Democrat nomination for the U.S. Senator from Maryland. This has put the Democrats in a lovely bind as Glenn Greenwald describes over at The Intercept.

Why have so many establishment Democrats so quickly decided to back a white, straight male politician steeped in privilege, while devoting themselves to opposing a candidate who would make history by becoming the first trans woman ever elected to the U.S. Senate, in the process inspiring trans youth around the world and helping to erode the stigma that has made them so vulnerable to discrimination and violence?

They’ve decided to do this presumably because they find Cardin’s centrist ideology and politics more appealing than Manning’s more radical politics, and believe that this trumps what could be the historic value of Manning’s candidacy. They’ve apparently decided to prioritize their own centrist ideology over the important gender, sexual orientation and trans equality progress that Manning’s victory would ensure.

One can certainly make an argument that the license they’ve granted themselves here – to prioritize ideology and politics over identity – is a reasonable one. But one wonders whether they intend to maintain a monopoly on this license or extend it to others.

As ye sow, so shall ye reap.

Ben Cardin, the incumbent Democrat, is often referred to as the stealth Senator because no one can tell he’s there. Certainly, he hasn’t had the impact on or connection with his constituents that Barbara Mikulski had. It’s always seemed to me that Cardin has won by default through not being a Republican in a heavily Democrat state. Manning may have picked a vulnerable incumbent.

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  1. Manning wont be able to be any more effective than Cardin. There’s not an agency on earth that would give him a clearance. Not even the FDA.

  2. Just a wild guess here, but maybe because Manning is a felon and Cardin is not. Obama commuted the traitor’s sentence, he did not pardon him.

  3. “Stealth senator?”

    Am I misremembering claims from a former Maryland resident (and limited public figure) that Senator Cardin was going to spearhead a bill making it a FEDRUHL CRAHM to say mean, butthurty things about fake-disabled Stolen Valor Vietnam-era Navy veterans with coprophiliac obsessions who stormed the beaches at Beirut and later went on to GS-13 glory?

    Or something?

    Am I to understand Senator Cardin did not come through?

  4. “They’ve apparently decided to prioritize their own centrist ideology over the important gender, sexual orientation and trans equality progress that Manning’s victory would ensure.”

    So wanting to run a candidate that supports your beliefs and political agenda is less important for voting for somebody because they think they are a woman? You stick with that logic. That is how you got Trump.

  5. I think it is funny that Cardin is described as “centrist.”

    This is what it says on wikipedia:

    On a list by Congressional Quarterly of the members of Congress who were most supportive of President Barack Obama’s legislative agenda in 2009, Cardin was tied for fifth most supportive Senator with five other Senators. In 2013, National Journal rated him as tied with six other Democratic senators for fifth most liberal Senator.

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  7. If people want to elect a transgender person to the Senate, why don’t they find one who didn’t betray their country?

  8. When choosing a guy to be the first in history, it should be considered better if you pick a same that isn’t a well known traitor.

    Word to the unwise, you never want someone the opposition can frame, without bending a single fact, a betrayer.

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