I’m So Old …

… I remember when climate “scientists” were warning about a coming ice age. Over at Manhattan Contriarian Francis Menton has a post dealing with how hard it is to make climate predictions, especially about the future. (I’ll let him explain the reference).

You and I are not going to be around in 2100 to see if any of these predictions about the future have come true.  But meanwhile the climate alarm crowd obliges us with shorter term predictions to help us get some handle on how reliable they are.

Menton takes a look at some recent predictions. Read the whole thing.

One thought on “I’m So Old …

  1. For an individual human from now until ten thousand years from now, they won’t so much need the government to save them from climate as to have access to spare wealth to move in accordance with where the environment is compatible with their needs, or to buy the means of warming or cooling their abode to a comfortable level. The amount of money they want allocated to them, their allies, and poor so marginal that weather is collectively dangerous is at such a level that people wouldn’t have that.

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