I’m So Old …

… I remember when the Democrat-supporting newspapers praised a plain-speaking president for “giving ’em Hell.” Now, not so much.

OTOH, Jeff Dunetz seems to appreciate a bit of alleged craziness.

In fact, if having a screw loose makes people as successful as Donald Trump was during the past eleven and a half months, we should pray it’s contagious and that everyone in Congress and the federal bureaucracy catches it (and save some of it for me).

Read the whole thing.

From your keyboard to God’s eyes, Jeff.

2 thoughts on “I’m So Old …

  1. He isn’t crazy. He doesn’t look crazy. They’re just so far gone in their particular set of doctrines (to the point they don’t recognize them as such) that they basically assume anything who goes against them is insane.

    If there was a reasonable metric for “crazy” that exists in this world, I’m confident that psychologists would score into that block at a higher percentage than the average population. In particular, when a particular diagnosis meets one’s own self interests, I don’t see how it could ever be trusted.

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