I’m So Old …

… I remember when it was students who were disciplined for crude speech. The College Fix reports that

Just before Christmas, a judge overturned the University of Southern California’s 2016 sexual-assault finding against an accused student, deeming him the victim of a process that was not “fair, thorough, reliabl[y] neutral and impartial.”

One of the errors made by the private institution? The Title IX coordinator and investigator repeatedly called the male student and his adviser “motherfuckers” after they forgot to hang up on a call with them.

Oh, and they called the female student accusing him “a catch.”

USC’s tuition and fees typically exceed $72,000 a year.

2 thoughts on “I’m So Old …

  1. The current university system is doomed. The only real question is how long tax dollars will be used to prop it up. My university is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy despite having 23,000 tuition-paying students. It has barely adapted to reality at all. Good thing I’m near retirement.
    What “cutback” budget management (one of my areas) we’re doing is the same type of pointless, minor cuts that are used by local governments and corporations just before they go belly-up.
    We’re pretty typical I think.
    I’m guessing that some top universities and small colleges that really deliver an education of value will survive. But the unis will have to shed a lot of the crap like the various Angry Studies departments and maybe the more weird Fine Arts programs.
    Change is coming, like it or not, The Marching Morons have invaded the university structure and are busy pulling it down.

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