What’s Interesting Today

The vast majority of the hits on this blog go to the Home page. The next most common group of hits are to specific posts via links from other blogs or internal links, i.e., when one post refers to another. A small number of hits come into posts as a result of readers searching for information about particular topics or looking for posts in specific categories or with specific tags or containing certain words. Unlike other hits, these have no referring link. Here are some of the hits from the past 24 hours that fall into that third category.

2017 DEC 30 01:46:21 UTC tag/connie-hoge
2017 DEC 30 01:55:29 UTC tag/connie-hoge
2017 DEC 30 14:48:17 UTC category/plm
2017 DEC 30 15:33:55 UTC tag/cabin-boy-bill-schmalfeldt/page/2
2017 DEC 30 16:05:11 UTC tag/cabin-boy-bill-schmalfeldt/page/2
2017 DEC 30 16:06:38 UTC 2016/09/24/the-panic-is-pretty-obvious
2017 DEC 30 16:09:17 UTC 2014/03/01/prevarication-du-jour-76
2017 DEC 30 16:11:43 UTC 2016/03/05/brett-kimberlin-misstates-the-facts
2017 DEC 30 17:31:04 UTC tag/craig-gillette
2017 DEC 30 17:47:42 UTC tag/brett-kimberlin

13 thoughts on “What’s Interesting Today

    • Why would he need a lawyer? Is the wife who cuckolded him taking him to the cleaners? What does he actually own of any value? A bunch of low ball musical instruments that he plays very poorly?

    • I’m sure if Fergie lost his Fisher Price music maker to his cheating spouse in a divorce, it would break his musically untalented heart.

      And the rest of the world would be better off for not being exposed to his “music.”

      Win/win, baby.

  1. It appears as if the Cabin Boy has decided to spend his holiday weekend doing some research for his upcoming LolSuit IX. If the rumors coming out of South Carolina are true, he is also planning his move out of the state. A couple of [REDACTED] birdies tell me the Soul-Mate 2017 Edition has figured out what everyone else knows, Bill Schmalfeldt is a scumbag. 2018 could bring some very interesting battles with the always failing Pro Se Prosecutor.

    • Did xhe figure it out when Bill kept letting the air out of xim or when xhe tried to eat an apple and realized xhe still didn’t have the new teeth he promised xim?

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