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In their vain attempts to control the narrative surrounding their lawfare, Team Kimberlin have spouted some of the most outrageous legal theories, so bizarre that I’m not even sure that Acme Legal believes them. The TKPOTD from four years ago today cites this example—

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One of Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt’s latest fantasies is that a court is going to order me to submit to a polygraph examination on a matter related to The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s frivolous and vexatious Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. lawsuit. As I pointed out on Thursday, polygraph evidence is not admissible in a Maryland court. See State v. Hawkins, 604 A.2d 489 (1992), cited with approval by the Court of Appeals in the Simmons v. State opinion released on 18 December, 2013.

The mention of a polygraph in connection with Brett Kimberlin reminded me of the results of his polygraph exams when he was a defendant in the Speedway Bombing case. The following is from page 325 of Mark Singer’s Citizen K and begins with some quotes from Leonard Harrelson, the polygraph examiner who tested TDPK for his defense attorneys:

“I think Kimberlin’s the type of person that if you talked to him face-to-face you wouldn’t need a polygraph. But he was a good subject for the polygraph because he reacted much better when he lied than some people do. There are certain types of individuals that do not react to a large extent, and he did; he reacted to a very large extent. I was using a three-channel instrument measuring pulse rate and blood pressure and changes within those, breathing patterns, and sweat-gland activities.

” The attorney didn’t want a written report, because when their clients flunk they don’t want it in their files. I gave him the graphs [polygrams] because he wanted them in case somebody tried to get smart and subpoena them. It’s not common to give up the polygrams.”

When Harrelson referred to the polygrams, I recall hearing that during the first trial Pritzker [one of TDPK’s lawyers], out of some macabre impulse, had framed a portion of one and hung it on the wall of this office. Two responses that indicated a striking degree of deception were: “Do you love your father?” and “Do you know anything about the eight bombings?” Kimberlin answered affirmative to the former, negative to the latter. Kammen [another of TDPK’s lawyers], who also saved a copy of this same polygram, recalled, “It was as if Brett’s heart skipped several beats. His heart just stopped for a moment.” I asked Pritzker if Kammen’s characterization was accurate, and he replied, “I don’t think his heart stopped. Exploded is more like it.”

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The simplest form of lie detector for the members of Team Kimberlin is optical. If one can see their lips moving, …

14 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • Me too. I thought evil came naturally to Kimberlin [I thought that he is, if not legally insane, a guilt-free sociopath], and it’s a bit of a surprise to find that he works at it. He feels the stress of doing ill, but he has so twisted his own mind as to enjoy it.

    • Great minds think alike my zombie brother … I was about to comment “If they draw breath …” It is in their very nature, fallen as it is, to be a deception…. a walking, talking lie. Man is much better than TK exhibits…

    • I’ve often thought that about Stolen Valor Schmalfeldt. He is so jealous of other people that he HAS to try and puff himself up and claims awards he didn’t earn, make himself sound like he was some bigshot in his jobs, etc. What a sad little man he must be.

  1. I think Ol’ PotatoHead truly believes that anything that comes out of his pie hole is the truth. Also anything he types. I believe he is totally incapable of rational thought and whatever self-serving thing he puts out there is automatically “the truth”. That would explain why nothing he has said in the past is very useful in demonstrating his lies to him. He propounded them, therefore they’re all true, even if they contradict each other.
    His “language system” is a fine example in Godel’s Theorem of the case where the system contains all the true statements but some (most) of them contradict each other.

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