I’m So Old …

… that I remember when it was considered good environmental stewardship to cut down a dead or dying tree that was likely to fall and cause serious damage. Now, that is something so uncouth that it can be the basis of a lie about one’s political adversary (or his wife). In their coverage of the fake news surrounding Melania Trump and the Jackson Magnolia, Victory Girls note—.

First Ladies are traditionally the ones who make final decisions about landscaping, which means that Melania did indeed have to sign off of the tree’s removal – but did so after a report from the United States National Arboretum stating that the tree was no longer salvageable. And Chelsea Clinton even thanked Melania for her efforts.

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8 thoughts on “I’m So Old …

  1. I’ve given up on the derp media, to be honest.

    The whole ‘OMG Trump is ordering the CDC to not use certain terms in their reports!’ turned out to be bullshit. And so was this story as well. Jesus Christ, all the things people can criticize Trump over and it’s like they’re too incompetent to actually do their jobs.

  2. They have a journalism major at my school. It’s in the Department of Communication, Theater, and the Arts. That alone tells you something. Hypothetically they earn a Bachelor of Science degree. As if.
    The student majors are quite possibly dumber than the student majors in the College of Education, which traditionally have the lowest ACT/SAT scores, and when they apply for grad school (shudder) have the lowest GRE/LSAT/GMAT scores.
    (An old joke from a friend at a small private college: “We don’t have a College of Education. We don’t even have any courses in education as such.” “Well then, which faculty do you make fun of?” “The French Department.”)
    A friend and former colleague ‘taught’ our journalism majors for almost 30 years. He credibly claimed that the average abilities of the average major declined both steadily and noticeably the entire time he taught. At the end he said it was akin to kindergarten. He spent more time alleviating hurt feelings than he did ‘teaching’ them how to write and research. He retired a very sad man.
    And of course they totally fail to see how they’re damaging their own ‘profession’. The collapse, when it finally comes, will be brutal. And I’ll be cheering.

  3. Locally, in many areas — where they’re trying to bring formerly-abused (including clearing) land back to its natural state — they’ve stopped removing dead trees, and actively prevent others from removing dead wood, where reasonable/feasible/practicable.

    This is after noting the massive decline in the native local flora and fauna, and finding that dead trees, e.g. with hollows, make excellent homes for these species, and the removal of these trees was a major blow to the environment.

    Sometimes they also use a chainsaw to cut the fallen tree into a few segments, to increase the number of hollows that become available.

    In a more artificial context, such as an old tree surrounded by manicured modern gardens (probably including few native species, and perhaps quite a number of foreign species), this would be less applicable, and the tree would be removed.

  4. I remember when the proggs demanded that Jackson be removed from the $20 bill because he was a nasty, hateful slave-owning, Trail of Tears-authoring racist.

    I also remember Bush Derangement Syndrome. It’s baaaaaaaack! The question now is are we supposed to blame Bush for that or Trump?

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