A Profile in Cluelessness

I found this exchange on the Twitterz. Karoli has lived in Ventura County, California, for several years. It’s just down the coast from Vandenberg Air Force Base, the DoD’s main west coast launch facility. The sight of rockets rising from Vandenberg has been quite common in that part of Southern California for decades. She must not look up at the sky very much.

When I lived in Ventura County back in the early ’80s, I occasionally saw the trails from the test launches for the MX missile program during my evening commute from the San Fernando Valley to Thousand Oaks.

Yesterday’s launch was a SpaceX vehicle carrying multiple satellites to Low Earth Orbit.

Almost all launches out of Vandenberg go due South into polar orbit. Polar orbit launches go from California because the next major landfall is Antarctica, whereas a polar launch from Florida would go over populated areas immediately. Only the Kodiak, Alaska, facility has a longer path over water.

14 thoughts on “A Profile in Cluelessness

  1. It was visible hundreds of miles to the north, but we could not tell which way it was going. It seemed to be much closer than it was. It also seemed to be coming this way, but it was too two dimensional from here. There was only left, right, up and down, but no this way or that.

  2. I’m constantly astounded at the number of people that can’t be bothered to do a basic search before showing their ignorance on (insert social media platform here).

  3. ” I’m actually just laughing at them at this point, it’s not hurtful, it’s not infuriating. It’s just *funny.*” Odd then, the amount of butthurt expressed. The best PLM has been aged in their direction for years.
    And both of them are also funny in the “sheesh” sense of funny.

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