To Paraphrase Rick Blaine …

… when he was speaking to another national socialist: Well, there are some neighborhoods I would not advise you to invade.Of course, all this heavy breathing by the usual suspects in the #Resistance is over a rumor propagated by a Democrat Congresscritter.


8 thoughts on “To Paraphrase Rick Blaine …

  1. Storage how everyone was silent when Obama tried to be above the law. Guess that only applies to presidents you don’t like, kind of like speech from the liberal perspective.

  2. I wonder how Bill plans to “take to the streets”. Will he be wearing a dress and his pink wig and going as that gay incest porn lover “Diane” or will he roll out in his Walmart Special and try to gain sympathy?

  3. Hey they can “take to the streets” in front of my house! I have it zero sighted in on my Model 94 (the center of the street is 50 yrds from my front porch).

    Come on down, I need some target practice! And my dogs have been begging for some long pork.

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