LOLsuit VIII News

I just received a phone call from Louis Nettles, the pro bono lawyer representing my codefendants and me in Schmalfeldt v. Grady, et al. LOLsuit VIII: Avoiding Contact. He informs me that the Magistrate Judge has recommended that the suit be dismissed. I haven’t read the recommendation yet, and I will not have any comment on it until I have read it and discussed it fully with our counsel.

I will post a copy of the recommendation later this evening.

UPDATE—Here’s the Magistrate’s Recommendation.

The Recommendation speaks for itself. I don’t intend to make any public comment about it except through counsel until the judge rules on our motion to dismiss.

95 thoughts on “LOLsuit VIII News

  1. Ahahahahahahahahahahhaaaaaaaaaa!


    Ahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahaaa.. OW!


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  3. Yesterday, Bill Schmalfeldt said: “Now, Hoge is a defendant in a Federal court in South Carolina in a case that is progressing very slowly. I am in no hurry.”

    I wouldn’t be in a hurry to be humiliated by a Federal court for the 8th consecutive time either, but, well…here we are.


  4. “It is noted that Plantiff provides no proof other than his own self serving statements that ‘Paul Krendler’ … is actually defendant Grady or any of the other defendants.”


  5. Footnote 5 is hilarious:

    “It is noted that Plaintiff provides no proof other than his own SELF-SERVING statements …”

    That was a legal bitch slap and a half.

    I’m not a lawyer but with the Wisconsin dismissal and now this one with or without prejudice doesn’t matter anymore. He can’t sue on these grounds anymore with two dismissals. I think?

  6. Ctrl-F for “Kimberlin fails” shows nothing.

    Ah, damn- Now I see. The Brettster didn’t sign his work this time; court thinks it’s dealing with Bill Schmalfeldt.

    • pg 12:

      “Accordingly, it would be constitutionally unreasonable for this court to exercise personal jurisdiction over defendants, and this case should be dismissed for lack of personal jurisdiction.”

      Fancy way of saying you submitted an unconstitutional lawsuit, Mr. Schmalfeldt.

      I would encourage you to remember that when you write like you can understand legal principles about Donald Trump in the future.

      • Oh, he can READ it all right, as in say the words he sees, slowly and aloud. But understand the words he reads? Not so much.

    • I clicked thru to this latest account for the lulz, and wasn’t disappointed.
      He claims the site is “unattended,” and yet was updated 2 hours ago. He claims it’s a monument to our host because he is… “unimportant.” Takes some kind of genius to go through the trouble of making monuments to unimportant people… lol

  7. NOW we know why Bill ran into hiding yet again. Pathetic little man couldn’t stand to face yet another failure after bragging how he would be everyone.

    Some of my favorites from the document…..

    However, a court is not required “to accept as true a legal conclusion couched as a factual allegation,”
    Papasan v. Allain, 478 U.S. 265, 286 (1986), or a legal conclusion unsupported by factual allegations.
    Iqbal, 556 U.S. at 679.

    However, a court considering the issue of personal jurisdiction “need not credit conclusory allegations or draw farfetched inferences.” Sonoco, 877 F. Supp. 2d at 205

    5. It is noted that Plaintiff provides no proof other than his own self-serving statements that “Paul Krendler,” the listed name of the poster, is actually Defendant Grady

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  9. Question:
    Now that this case appears to be heading to big DISMISSAL pile that he been collecting, who will have to pay all those expenses he racked up as a pro se pauper?

  10. What are court costs? Anybody know? How to you calculate the time and effort THE COURT spent plowing through this drivel?

    Wait. Did you hear that? There’s another shoe. Out there. Let’s listen, boys and girls, to see if it drops. I figure 2 weeks from now or nothing. Put me down for 19 December to see if this one’s a case of, “Well if I win then good else I’ll just get on with the love of my life.”

    No harm no foul. Right Shakes?

    Not my emphasis, but that of the Court.
    Love it!
    New poll, which of the four States of the Defendants will Slappy move to next, in order to establish jurisdiction?

  12. ROTFLMAO Look at the photo again !!!

    The mentally deficient inflate-a-mate doesn’t even know how to give someone the finger correctly.

    HAHAHAHA . What an imbecile she must be. A perfect spouse for the other idiot.

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  14. I’ve never even been in a court case and I have a better record than Schmalballz.

    What a loser. 0-for-8, Dumbfuck.

    OK, so who had December 5 in the “magistrate recommends dismissal” pool?

  15. I think everything that needs to be said has been. Oh what the heck. Hahahahahahahahahah! breathe Hahahahahahahahaha!

  16. About time SC flushed that turd of a suit.

    Congrats to the defendants, any chance your lawyer will get his costs covered by the Dumf5ck loser plaintiff??

    • Oh, and please, please, please DO NOT play fair and post a copy of any countersuit. Please simply mail a copy to the last known address, the Bouncy Castle of Aaaargh. (“If he was moving, he wouldn’t have bothered to carve, Aaaargh. He’d just have said it.”)

      I would much rather skip the drama and get right to the after action report.

      Oh, and what’s the pool on when Bill goes public with a new REBRANDING!!??!!??

      I’ll be generous. Put me in for 72 hours.

    • The Magistrate is a saint for having to fisk Schmalfeldt’s idiocy.

      Btw, did anyone catch his “not expected” tweet comment earlier opens him up to issues? The hubris of Mr. Schmalfeldt (at least how I view the tweet) admitting he knew it was a purposeful and vexatious lawsuit.

  17. The magistrate judge should correct the first sentence of the report, where it refers to the defendants as “residents of South Carolina.” That should be “nonresidents of South Carolina.”

      • No, I mean nonresidents. The first sentence says, “William M. Schmalfeldt, Sr. (“Plaintiff”), proceeding pro se, brought this civil action pursuant to diversity jurisdiction, alleging claims against four persons who are residents of South Carolina …” The defendants, Patrick Grady, W.J.J. Hoge, Eric Johnson, and Sarah Palmer, aren’t South Carolina residents, which is confirmed by page 2 where the report says which state each of them lives in. I’m not aware of any of the defendants being transients.

        • Maybe the mj is showing that BS is basically claiming that the defendants are residents of South Carolina, and the mj is clarifying that they are not.

    • William muses: “Hmm, that must be ground for appeal! – I’ll have that judge’s wives, houses, and childrens’ asses”.

  18. Given his failure to notify the court of his repeated moves, would turd sniffer-roller even know of this recommendation if John hadn’t posted this?

  19. William “Parkinson’s faking valor stealing” Shmalfeldt leaves his pedo master’s fail of a website, announces with a huge screed how he has “won” and is quitting Hoge, and is dealt his loss in the suit all in about 36 hours??

    What strange timing. Queer, even.

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