42 thoughts on “Alt-Left Media News

  1. How “queer.” He says he’s never been accused of sexual assault, but his cousin, Roy Schmalfeldt, has accused him of that. In fact, BS sued him over it over 1.5 years ago, and then withdrew his lawsuit, with prejudice.

  2. Vox Day’s three laws of the SJW:

    SJWs Always Lie.
    SJWs Always Double Down.
    SJWs Always Project.

    Fits bill schmalfeldt like a spandex body suit.

  3. Darn, who found the Schmalfeldt signatures in those middle school yearbooks? My bet is on Krendler. /joke

    I hope he follows through and quits Hoge including dropping his latest lawsuit. Why was he fighting a battle for the “Roy Moore of the left” Brett Kimberlin anyways? Ruined his google reputation for a Ukraine child bride shopper.

  4. He won’t make it past Dec 31st. before finding something to be butthurt over and he’ll be feldtdowning all over the place by New Year’s Day.

    Although I do look forward to the fisking of that heaping pile of lies he blathered on about.

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  6. Wow! So much to work with and so little time.

    First, am I a real boy or just a puppet? I think I’m real but maybe I’m just fooling myself. Is there a Turing test for puppetry? I know I’ve been blocked by Dumbfuck, I must be real!

    I can’ believe one person can cram so many lie into such a small space. Which lies? Final victory, win, etc list goes on forever it seems. Show of hands; who read the whole thing? Thought so. Just not worth it is it? Packed with lies but they’re so badly done and pedestrian, there’s no finesse or skill in them at all. Not just a liar but a bad liar too.

    I want one week, December 12 in the pool for his return. He’s always had a weakness for Tuesdays.

    I offer up a different pool what Dumbfuck handle will he come back under while claiming that will be painfully apparent is him but he will pathetically maintain is not him at all?
    I figure its too hard to pick the actual name he resurfaces under so lets pick the category. I choose “Name of an ancient classical figure that he completely fails to understand why its so wrong for him to use and completely fails to understand the history bhind him”.
    Soem of you may want to pick “perversion of a modern political character”, “buffoonish nickname”, or an all time favorite “scatological reference”.

  7. Stolen valor’s last post in tl;dr-

    “BaWWWWaw!!!!!! I’m a complete failure in life and the courts but I’ll pretend I’m a hero to make myself feel better”

    (Just a guess… Didn’t make it much past the delusional headline)

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