Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Bill Schmalfeldt seems to get his panties in a knot every time someone refers to him using Stacy McCain’s categorization of the Cabin Boy™ as a deranged cyberstalker. As I noted four years ago today, Words Have Meaning.

* * * * *

Deranged may refer to psychosis, a generic psychiatric term for a mental state often described as involving a “loss of contact with reality.”

Cyberstalking is the repeated use of electronic communications to harass or frighten someone.

Now, consider someone who has lost a court case, moved to have the resulting order modified, and appealed his case with his appeal being denied. Now, suppose that person was told on two separate occasions by the trial judge in court that his understanding of the law was wrong, once during the trial and again during the modification hearing. Also, suppose that his appeal was denied because, after reviewing his legal reasoning, the Court of Appeals found no issues of law to review. If that person continued to assert that his view of the law was correct, it might be reasonable to assume that he had, in some sense, lost contact with reality.

Let’s go a step further with this fellow and note that he had been adjudicated as a harasser by a court of law and that he used the Internet to conduct his harassment. Clearly, it would be reasonable to consider this person a cyberstalker. Indeed, many people would, using the common understanding of the words, find that describing him as a deranged cyberstalker was quite justifiable if not completely accurate. Certainly, holding and expressing that opinion would be not be defamatory—given that it is based on well-known facts about the person and his behavior.

* * * * *

While there is great merit to Stacy’s view that Schmalfeldt is a deranged cyberstalker, I personally prefer Ken White’s categorizing the Cabin Boy™ as a demented freak.


22 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Is there anything innately contradictory between “deranged cyberstalker” and “demented freak?”

    Then I say we must, as the saying goes, “embrace the power of and.”

    Stacy’s term is a bit more precise, specifically citing two of Fail Whale’s failings. Ken’s term is more general, covering a whole host of Fail Whale’s activities.

    I think of Ken’s term as an expansion on Stacy’s, and have no problem with them both being used. Preferably in conjunction with each other. “Deranged cyberstalker and demented freak Bill Schmalfeldt” works quite well.

    • Such as how “sawed-off pedo bomber” (a term I believe I coined, but won’t assert as fact) combines “convicted domestic terrorist,” “adjudicated pedophile,” and a derogatory reference to Kimberlin’s lack of stature in one handy phrase.

  2. What do you call someone who calls local law enforcement because they think someone called them a “creeper?” Looks like that is what Thomas A Mix aka the #VeroBeachCrybully did. Then it got covered in the local Sebastian Daily named me as a cyber-stalker. You all know “Creeper” is what I call Bill Schmalfeldt. Looks like the precious little cupcake Mix thinks calling someone a name is enough to get a person arrested for cyberstalking. If that is the case Mix should have been arrested a long time ago considering all the name calling and incitement to violence he employs towards President Trump.

  3. On the other hand, I’ve never considered him deranged. Deliberate, habitual, single-minded…these all describe the continual efforts to coerce people into naming names of the other individuals who criticize him. He wants it all, as Doug could recall. (A reference to an early coercion attempt.) He wanted me to identify some people by real name or he’d publish embarrassing information about me in his Twitter account.

    Being deranged would give him a mental health related excuse.

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