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Team Kimberlin has always been a rinky-dink operation staffed with losers. As I noted four years ago today, Second-Rate People Hire Third-Rate Employees

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That’s a principle of personnel management that I’ve seen demonstrated many times during my business career. It explains a lot about Team Kimberlin. Consider, for example, the choice of someone like Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt to handle PR.

It also explains Very Ordinary Seaman Ferguson. (My recent post touching on The Dread Performer Kimberlin’s musicianship reminded me of VOSF.)

After listening to his Sub-Aetha offerings on iTunes (which mostly sound like electric Jew’s harp recordings), it’s obvious that he is a part of Team Kimberlin to make TDPK’s stuff look good by comparison.

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Meanwhile, we’ll see how well “Staff Writer” does with Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Billy? Boy Unread.

12 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Four years later and their musicianship still suxxors… says a lot that they haven’t improved one iota.

    FiFi’s electronica sounds like feral cat fornication. Jew harps would be about six steps up from where he is musically.

    • Can any of the Pirate Crew show evidence of ever having a paying music gig? (and being paid to STOP playing doesn’t count).

      A 4 year old getting a cheap electronic keyboard for Xmas could outperform FiFi after 2 days.

      Then again he does have a history of being outperformed IYKWIMAITYD.

  2. Does anyone else notice a certain…similarity (and by similarity I mean “exact match”) between the writing style (and by writing style I mean “random monkey keyboard mashing”) of the current Staff Writer (and by staff writer I mean “Staph Infection”) and a former contributor at Billy Boy Unread by the name of King Leonidas (and by King Leonidas I mean “liking to pee on da kiddies”)?

    Or is it just me?

    • It’s not just you who has tweaked to the fact that “King Leonidas” s a Schmalfeldt sock. Why is it he always picks names (or personas) of virile, capable successful people? Very Freudian of him!

        • Billy has never stood on his own in his life, nor taken responsibility for his own actions, unlike some whom he delights in attacking and slandering, relying on revulsion on the part of the courts and forgiveness from those who are Christians…

  3. I teach students in Org Theory that: First raters hire First raters. Second raters hire third raters. Third raters hire fifth raters.
    Except for first raters the others fear those more competent than themselves, and so hire the less competent.
    I sometimes get asked, “What about fourth raters?” The answer is that to the extent that they exist they either don’t get hired (because the third rate only hire those obviously less competent than themselves and they aren’t very competent so they must hire really ‘down’) or they get pushed into becoming fifth rate because they have a third rater managing them.
    Dummies Unread appear to have found someone below fifth rate, who can therefore ‘hire’ and manage only himself.

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