6 thoughts on “Missed Connections?

  1. When the people finally pay attention to the horrible abuses visited upon little girls by the members of Team Kimberlin, at least we’ll be able to say, “We have been telling you about this for years now”.

  2. Just remember that all of these “I didn’t know…” people are the same ones busily moralizing the rest of the country on what we should be doing, saying, and thinking 24/7…

    Hopefully they will shut up for a time. But, it’s unlikely they will.

  3. Mark my words here; at some point they will figure out the unifying thread here is pornography. Normal males who have healthy relationships don’t do these things, and they don’t use porn either.

  4. I think it’s a generational thing. Old people will subscribe to the Paper and watch the Evening News and think they have had their daily dose of The News. Younger people, not so much. They have the Internet on computers now!

    The complete hypocrisy of Old Media is going to be their downfall. And I think Old Media knows it. Thus the shrieking and rending of garments they are going through.

    Ever notice how for eight years, everything was Peachy? Except for Racial, Gender and Border Tensions?

    Now, everything is problematic. Because the people the Old Media wanted to be in power aren’t.


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