17 thoughts on “Another One Bites the Dust

  1. Remember, the only reason needed for the SJW’s to demand the expulsion of anyone is that the individual be a white male of European ancestry! This also the description of the only segment of American society that may legally be discriminated against. However, that does not forgive anyone for saxual harassment or pedophilia …

  2. This week’s headlines so far:

    Monday – Another Woman Comes Forward to Accuse Conyers
    Tuesday – 25 year Congressman Luis Gutierrez Suddenly Decides Not To Run For Re-Election, Will Retire, Reasons Unclear
    Wednesday – NBC Fires Matt Lauer For “Inappropriate Sexual Conduct”

    Hmmm…Tuesday, tho…

    • Thursday –
      “South Fallsburg, NY, accuses famous stage singer of groping entire town in 1948. Shame of that night has kept incident secret all these years.”

  3. Don’t throw the card away, the week is still pretty young. The general rule of thumb is to be suspicious of anyone whose primary job is to manipulate people. If you wondered why people generally distrusted lawyers and politicians, well there you go. It isn’t any less true of people in the infotainment business. If anything, it’s more true.

  4. Does anyone get the feeling that political parties, media organizations, and the entertainment business are all taking advantage of this current wave of social outcry to rid their respective environments of dead weight? Something of a social natural selection going on.

    • That might be a fair point, except look at some of the names that have come up:

      Weinstein was a player of enormous power, a starmaker;
      Kevin Spacey is an extremely talented and much sought after actor;
      Louis C.K. was on an upward trajectory in Hollywood – he had just directed a self-funded independent film that was set to receive rave reviews and Oscar consideration;
      Al Franken had been talked about as a possible presidential candidate in 2020;
      John Conyers is the #3 Democrat in Congress. Clearly a douchebag (not to mention 88 years old), but still a power player to be feared;
      Matt Lauer is 59 years old and was probably the most powerful on-air name in the news division at NBC.

      Some of the other names ARE dead weight whose loss is of little consequence, I agree with you. I think the tossing under the bus of the Clintons probably fits an opportunistic model you are suggesting.

      I really think that with the fall of the HUGE first domino that was Harvey Weinstein, everything that has followed has been because of that – other victims have seen the courage of those who have come forward, and found the bravery to step up themselves.

      And you can safely bet that this will continue through Christmas.

      Of next year.

      • Good analysis.

        I myself think the Dems are clearing deadwood and some very very old people too.

        I think The Party (POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!) is very much concerned that Herself, Felonia Von Pantsuit, is considering yet another run in ’20. Not optimal for anybody but Herself. Potentially (hopefully) disastrous because this would likely lead to more Trump…

        The Young People in the Demo Party need to clear the way for Bernie. In which case Brett Kimberlin The Speedway Bomber becomes under-secretary of State…

        Who better to deal with explosive situations around the world? Who better, given Brett Kimberlin’s obvious legal skills, to back the Norks down in World Court? Who better to advance childrens’ rights worldwide? Who better to handle tax law laxity with respect to non-profits?

        Oh. Sorry man. Brett Kimberlin would have to be double-hatted to the IRS to cover the tax stuff. Assume, however, the Bernie Sanders Admin would provide a waiver for Brett under the ‘Lois Lerner’ exemption from existing law and regulations so he could fine-tune (focus on societys undesirables: non-libs) tax law for socially desirable purposes.

        Don’t sue me, Brett- I’m just floating your name to open the eyes of the appropriate folks in the Clinton Administration; party. The Democrat party.

        You know what I mean.

      • The wave of accusations are going to be meet with a counter-wave of defamation lawsuits. Like penguins on the ice shelf, the dive of the first bird has given the rest the courage to take the plunge, but, the leopard seal still waits. The story of how much safety exists in going with the crowd has yet to be written.

        John and Aaron could write at length about how being factual and accurate doesn’t spare one the cost and complexity of facing frivolous litigation.

  5. I just want to say, vis-a-vis Al Franken and his “apology”, that I’m pretty sure I have never grabbed a wo\man’s butt unintentionally.

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