Let’s Make a Deal

The Cyber Monday deals continue all week at Amazon. When you shop via this link, you’ll pay the same low prices, and Hogewash! will receive a commission which will help defray the cost of running the blog.

I was reviewing the report on items sold through Hogewash! as of last Saturday, and it shows an interesting variety of items—for example: an ice cream maker attachment for a KitchenAid, a Goodyear bicycle tire tube, a Trijicon red dot rifle scope, a vhf/uhf amateur radio transceiver, nitrile exam gloves, a Dewalt compact drill with bits, a Tivoli clock radio, a pair of Fram air filters, and a copy of Citizen K.

7 thoughts on “Let’s Make a Deal

    • Wasn’t me.

      Did, however, just put a MeproLight M21 on my SHTF AR-15 build (Aero .223 Wylde 18” flat top upper, Aero lower, LaRue MBT2 trigger, UBR stock), and I’m liking it. No batteries, no switches, and the triangular “dot” allows for some very fine sighting.

      Was able to ring plates out to 400 yards without a problem, no magnification. Beyond that, I’m going with one of my Garands or M14 rifles, with iron sights, or one of my bolt rifles.

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