A Sweet Sixteen

I usually stay away from retail stores during Thanksgiving weekend, especially on Black Friday. However, I went into a sporting goods store late yesterday to replenish some supplies. As I was walking past the gun counter, I noticed that they had a Browning A5 16-ga shotgun in stock and that it was on sale for a bit more than 25% off and there was a $200 mail-in rebate offer. I’ve always wanted a 16-ga shotgun, and now I have one.At a bit under 6 lbs, the A5 is as handy as a 20-ga, but it throws almost as much shot as a 12. I look forward to giving it a try on some upland game.

15 thoughts on “A Sweet Sixteen

  1. If it had a 16 or 18 inch barrel would be a good house gun, for those uninvited guests. I much prefer a Browning semi-automatic shotgun over a pump any day.

  2. I wonder if a gofundme to have a kiwi travel to the states to… “Experience american fun culture” (wait, I meant gun… Aw, same thing) would raise more than an appeal for a dying Parkinson’s sufferer/nonsufferer to travel the country?

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