Don’t Know Much About History

A writer for Teen Vogue tweeted this—I, on the other hand, have been falsely accused of a crime, so I have a different appreciation for the presumption of innocence. Ms. Lindin seems all to willing to take away someone else’s civil rights if that means achieves her desired end. If she thought … oops, wrong word … imagined her own rights were on the line, I doubt that she would be willing to pay that price.

No young women from Salem, Massachusetts, were available for comment.


UPDATE—The lessons of history teach that these folks will be granted all possible due process rights—

15 thoughts on “Don’t Know Much About History

  1. Being fine with forever destroying another’s life for their own amusement / because the target “deserved” it / because if the target didn’t want it they should have been different… False rape accusers and their supporters sound like they have the very same mindset held by actual rapists.

  2. “If some innocent men’s reputations have to take a hit in the process of undoing the patriarchy, that is a price I am absolutely willing to pay.”

    Sweetheart, you’re not paying the price there. What you mean is “that is a price I am absolutely willing for YOU to pay.”

    • The pendulum is swinging back. People like her aren’t happy to be held to their own standards.

      In other news, someone just started a new two week trial internet subscription, so I anticipate a rebranding in the next two weeks just before it expires.

  3. Reading that makes my blood boil. It’s attitude like that and society that treats men are expendable that leads to high suicide rates for men. Men are falsely accused of something feel trapped and because society has turned them away feel its there only escape. I can only pray she see the error of her ways because the ends do not justify the means

  4. Maybe Bill can offer his assistance to all the members accused of sexual harassment, etc. All those restraining orders must mean he has expertise in the area. His various restraining orders covered by gender, state, and even various ages including toddler.

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