Cowardly Cowards Gotta Cower …

… and bluster and threaten. Like this—Let me save the Cabin Boy some bandwidth. My name can be found on the copyright notice appended to the site logo, and the rest of my contact information, including my home address and cell phone number, can be found on the DMCA tab in the menu just below the logo. If you want to know what stately Hoge Manor looks like, you can click here for a post that shows a picture Schmalfeldt has previously posted. If you need directions, click here.

If you call or email before you come, you’ll be met with coffee and snacks. Otherwise, …

The Gentle Reader may form his own opinion as to who is cowering.

92 thoughts on “Cowardly Cowards Gotta Cower …

  1. A threat like that, from a normal person, would get their Twitter account suspended. Given that Bill Schmalfeldt will just create another 2 or 3 accounts (bringing his total to over 150, I believe), it really doesn’t do much good to report him. In fact, the longer he has an account, the more damaging tweets he sends on it, along with tweets that proves it is him (allowing us to directly connect those damaging tweets to him personally).

    And let me see if I understand the Billogic here: he is going to publish information about people who have the courage to speak out about his asinine behavior,, even though they know this information about them is known, and he labels them cowards? He will prove the exact opposite of what he thinks he is doing, but then, that is normal for Bill Schmalfeldt.

    • He has had over 200 accounts. Currently, he has multiple open accounts. Since his wife died, he has been “nice” by suing people six times, and accumulating about 5 more restraining orders to bring his grand total to 12. He has lied to the court about his ability to travel, and abandoned a dog and cat that he had just adopted. He has continued to harass WJJH and Lee on Twitter.

    • She appears just as stupid as he is. But she is just his sock so that would explain it. Funny thing is, in that entire diatribe they never mention that people pay attention to Stolen Valor Schmalfeldt due to HIS behavior. You know like the 12 restraining orders, some covering very young children, his publishing rape fantasies involving very young boys, the fact that he admitted calling him a rapist is a true statement, the 8 lawsuits he’s filed and lost trying to get people to not call him out on his bullshit.
      Oh Bill wants to be left alone alright. He wants to harasses and stalk and dox and not have anyone shine a light on it. Too bad so sad. That ship sailed you creepy stalking hump.

  2. I’ll have some choice words for Bill Schmalfeldt later about cowardice. He knows he can shove his threats where the sun doesn’t shine.

    • He hasn’t been nice his entire misbegotten existence.

      You scare no one, lying racist scumbag.

      That goes double for the toothless, inflatable, purple haired, John Denver sex doll.

    • Who can forget his immortal words, “She made me better. She made me aspire to be decent.”

      Makes you wonder what he was before he started on THAT long road…then quit.

      • “She made me breakfast, lunch and dinner; and I still forced a woman that everyone else could see had an obvious medical problem to do everything around our home. I humiliated her by recounting how she laid in bed in piss up to her armpits, and ignored her while she was on her deathbed to troll the internet. I grieved for her for as long as it took me to decide the type of new coffeepot to buy, and how to rebrand using her death to my advantage. Then I stuffed her ashes into a fucking clock , but I pull them out for the odd photo.”

        And as to his threats re: blogging our information, hey asshat, just shout across the room. The only audience you have outside zombie lickspittles (who just point and laugh) is the living argument for fluoride in the drinking water sitting beside you.

    • Try to be a bully in the public square and you’re gonna get people pushing back against you. Apparently people never understood the lesson that you should have learned in elementary school. Don’t puff yourself up if you don’t want someone to come around with a pin.

      Oh but wait. She’s a blow-up girlfriend. Oh my. THAT would be why the lesson was never learned. My bad.

    • Does she turn into a puffed up raging monster if she gets “not nice”? Will we be able to tell when that happens? Will it have better teeth, hair, and complexion? Should she be “not nice” all the time?

      • I believe “her” variety of “rage monster” is -2 Dex, -2 Cha, +4 Con. So that’s a no on better teeth, hair, etc. But better at pulling off a Con. (sarc, D&Ders stop crapping yourselves I’m kidding./sarc)

        So unless you start feeling even more nauseated by pics, or want to pay Bill to do a road trip, I wouldn’t worry.

        And if you feel the urge to pay Bill to drive over the incomplete Bridge to Nowhere, well, just go with it.

        • If she puffs up further, there will be too much air inside the vinyl. That will make her more susceptible to injury, thus her “rage monster” buff will be -5 Con and -3 Str in addition to your already stated -2 Dex, -2 Cha. Wis and Int are already 0.

    • Kona is one of the usual varieties kept in stock at stately Hoge Manor. The other usual choices are Jamaican Blue Mountain, my own blend of Sumatran and Javan, and Luziane.

    • Actually, it was quite specifically stated how he’s hiding — he’s failed to keep the court up to date on his address.

  3. He sure does not like it when he gets a taste of his own “rules”. He thinks he can harass people without consequences. He demands “peace” when he is escalating attacks on others. Doesn’t work that way.

  4. If Bill wants to post my personal information I wish him luck. I use vpn access to route my traffic to a very specific isp in a specific location where I’m no where near. The email address I use here is tied to a fake name and address. The MAC addresses used for all my devices are spoofed.

  5. Publishing “Profiles For Cowards” will not end well for Bill Schmalfeldt and Diane Kelley. One result will certainly be Schmalfeldt & Kelley hiding underneath the porch in fear of the retaliation that will come their way. The pointage, laughing, and mockery will certainly be delicious. It might just be more prudent for Schmalfeldt & Kelley to leave well enough alone before they end up in a “PizzaGate” of their own making.

  6. I think he’s just mad his moving around again got noticed, and he’s worried that this domicile solution is in jep if sue papers start showing up.

    • Damaging the movement?

      The only movement xir/zit is neck deep in is the bowel movement xe/it calls xir/zit’s “fiance.”

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  8. Oh look, the Inflate-A-Boy thinks it’s dandy for a mid 40’s man to bring a 15 year old girl from Russia to the US for the sole purpose of raping her. After all, we all know that 15 is “of age”. I really wonder why she lost custody of her kid/s…..

  9. I love how Bill keeps inserting the phrase “alleged kiddie stalker” when writing about John and Aaron. You know, even though a court tossed that nonsense out; and since Bill’s got a restraining order against him from a toddler, and his friend couldn’t provide a scintilla of evidence in court to rebut being called a pedophile.

    What a douche.

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