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Bill Schmalfeldt hasn’t been consistent in his claim that Patrick Grady is Paul Krendler. He published a book in which he claimed to be Krendler and more or less simultaneously went off on a tangent accusing a woman by the name of Lynn Thomas of being Krendler. The book contain plagiarized material, and the Cabin Boy™ published forged email to try to prove that Mrs. Thomas was Krendler. This TKPOTD was originally published two years ago today—

* * * * *

The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt insists on making his opponent’s case.TheMerryWidower201511162292ZThe alleged email from Lynn Thomas attached to that tweet contains a no-contact request. At the very least, that tweet prevents the Cabin Boy™ from saying that he never received such a request from Mrs. Thomas.

However, it is more likely that the text of the email is a forgery. The style of writing is very much unlike Mrs. Thomas’s, but it is quite like the Cabin Boy’s™. Indeed, Mrs. Thomas would be unlikely to refer to herself as an “obviously ill woman,” and she would be unlikely to use the term DUMBFUCK, even to describe the Cabin Boy™. Moreover, the Cabin Boy™ has a track record of altering documents, and there appear to be technical inconsistencies between the text and header of the alleged email. Also, there is a piece of evidence external to the email that makes if extremely unlikely that Mrs. Thomas could be the author. It will be interesting to see how the Cabin Boy™ tries to talk his way out of the mess he’s created for himself.

If, as I believe, the alleged email is a forgery, the Cabin Boy will not enjoy the consequences.

UPDATE—A second forensic analysis of the images posted confirms the opinion that the text of the email is a forgery.

* * * * *

Of course, Lynn Thomas wasn’t and isn’t Paul Krendler. The net result of the Cabin Boy’s™ failing forgeries was one of the dozen restraining orders issued against him.

36 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. To be honest, the recent string of old TKPOTD posts doesn’t do much for me. Maybe it would be better to cut back to a Team Kimberlin Post of the Week unless and until things heat up again in the lawsuits.

  2. I’ve said this before. When Dumb fuck succumbs to fake Parkinson’s and leaves this mortal coil. We will find out Paul Krendler is not a pen name but a real zombie named Paul Krendler.

  3. Now he’s claiming he wrote articles just because he copy pasted his name over them.

    Aim higher DF! I’m gonna be writer of the Gettysburg address, the Magna Carta and Gone With the Wind.
    What a cheap piker.

  4. For those interested, the Senate literally has no Constitutional authority to expel a Senator on the basis of what happened, and that the Senator admits happened. when the person was not a Senator. They sure don’t have it for something that a Senator denies ever happened. A Senate ethics investigation, therfore, is an up front sham in the case of Franken and Moore, and they all know it. This is just to appease the masses. It is fascinating to see, however, that admiited allegations are water under the bridge if they are 11 years old, but 40year old allegations that have been denied are relevant. Oh, I see – democrat privilege.

    • The Constitution places the power to discipline members to the Senate. Hypothetically, they could expel a member for picking his feet in Poughkeepsie.

      That said, when Senator Robert Mendendez was accused of traveling abroad to have sex with underage prostitutes provided by a donor who requested numerous favors from the Senator, the Senate took the position that they only would consider the results of the criminal justice system.

      Roy Moore hasn’t, and, won’t, be convicted of anything. They’d be the biggest bunch of hypocrites if they applied a different standard to Roy Moore than to Robert Mendendez. That said, what reason do we have to think they aren’t a bunch of hypocrites??

  5. Except republicans. Then he cares. Rape apologist.

    • Trying to square the circle of how The Great White Fail treats women and how he says others [well, Republicans, maybe] should treat them. Nope. Not figuring it out.

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  7. I just want to make it clear that I wasn’t trying to “let John Hoge have it.” I have no sympathy for Kimberlin or Schmalfeldt. I was just commenting on my relative levels of interest in certain kinds of posts on this blog.

    If Mr. Hoge were posting the reprints out of a sense of obligation to keep the Team Kimberlin Post of the Day streak alive, then I would say that he didn’t need to do that. But, on the other hand, if Mr. Hoge is posting the reprints as Team Kimberlin Posts of the Day because he really likes doing that, that’s fine with me.

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