13 thoughts on “MoveOn.org Changes Sides?

  1. They are throwing folks under the bus now for a reason: the Great Unraveling. They are hoping not to be eaten, and if they are, to be eaten last.

    • You can always count on Grifter Schmalfeldt to demand that govt pay for everything. I guess when you don’t pay taxes it’s pretty easy to demand everyone else pay for stuff. If he wasn’t such a lazy sack of shit and had some skin in the game I’ll bet he’d feel differently.

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  3. The enemy of accomplishing your goals is having too many. Every left-wing organization I’ve ever seen is the embodiment of that. Just look at some of Zombietime’s reporting regarding leftwing rallies. Though I should warn, the reporting often involves ugly people naked.

  4. Any chance Franken aligns more with Sanders or Warren than the Clintons?
    Looks more like this is a fight within the Democratic Party as to who runs the shop.

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